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Sunday, May 6

First Baguio Blog Conference Coming This May 19

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Bloggers out there and blog readers, this is for you. Blog fests had been done already in other parts of the country, but this time it's the Northern Luzon's moment to stand out  its own blogging community. Spearheaded by the ideas of Vince of Lakbay Baguio, supported by Kat of Geek Camp Baguio and Dean of Wat Wat World, and finally put into designs by yours truly, Joven of Travex Travels, the Cordillera Bloggers, a newly formed blogging group, will be holding its first ever blog fest in the city of Baguio. The First Baguio Blog Conference to be held on May 19, 2012 (8 AM to 5 PM) at the UB Square Hall was in partnership with the leading telecommunication company in the country, SMART. Sun Cellular and Unilab co-presented this event and our official hotel partner's Azalea Residences Baguio. It is participated by Jaypee Online and endorsed by the Department of Tourism.

The First Baguio Blog Conference aims to open the youth to blog as early as now, express their passion, animate their lives and share the fun they had in their experiences. Of course, the middle aged group are also very welcome to attend this event because it's not yet too late for them to blog and enjoy blogging. Well, blogging is for everyone, where ever you are, whatever you do and whenever you like. Blogging is about you and the things you want to share.

Bloggers from all over the Philippines have come to talk about their ideas on blogging things like food, tech, travel, business and a lot more. To register, please log on to www.cordillerabloggers.org for more details.

Come one, come all! Let us prove that BLOGGING IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

As promised, the official colored logo of the Cordillera Bloggers will be rolled out soonest--and this is now!

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  1. Good luck sa first blog conference , I wish i could join with you guys sayang may lakad ako nito kasi .tsk tsk

    1. Sayang naman. May discount pa man din ang bloggers dun. Hehe. :) Next time na lang.^^

  2. will be joining! done registering.. =)

  3. Hi!

    Just registered. Will definitely attend this event. I've been blogging back then, but I stopped and switched to vlogging. Even so, I am hoping to learn anew from this conference.


    1. Vlogging is another way of blogging but more of videos. I guess you will enjoy the conference!

  4. aww...too bad i wasn't available coz of hospital internship.. :((( uhm may i ask sir if there will be next events like this ??:))) thanks in advance for the response.:))))

    1. Yes. I guess there will be plans for the first Cordillera Bloggers meetup. Parang starting point kasi yung First Baguio Blog Conference. Then yung next, I don't know if a small meetup party ng bloggers, including yung mga nahikayat sa event last Saturday. :) Hopefully you can join the second event. Niluluto pa lang kasi. Around September siguro magaganap. :)


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