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Trekking. Hiking. Spelunking. Food. That's Sagada.


Life is a wind. Get that in Ilocos Region.


If you think golden sand beaches are the only tourist spots, think again. Bolinao is falls too.


If you just want to see a sky-mountain-lake landscape, then head to Bokod, Benguet.


In this simple town of Dasol, Pangasinan lies an unspoiled island paradise sprinkled with white sands and a total half of mysteriously formed rock formations.


The Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan is one of the many tourist attractions in Luzon Island. Give yourself a summer treat; enjoy island hopping, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling.

May 25, 2016

Baler Tourist Spots, Maps and Guide

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Baler tourist attraction map and guide
Baler, Aurora is an emerging tourist town comparable, but less crowded, to Sagada and Baguio City. Tourist destinations in downtown Baler are walkable since some of them are very near each other like Museo de Baler, Rolling Stores, Quezon Ancestral House and Baler Catholic Church. However, some other Baler tourist attractions in the greater Baler area, are farther, like the Millenium Tree and Ditumabo Falls. The farthest tourist spot in Baler area is the Ampere Beach which is already located in the town of Dipaculao, Aurora.

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How to Go to Baler, Aurora from Manila, Baguio

Location map on how to go to Baler, Aurora from Baguio or Manila
Reaching Baler, Aurora from Baguio City will take approximately 8 hours while if coming from Manila, will take about 6-8 hours. To reach Baler from other cities, it will probably take you 4-5 hours if coming from Urdaneta, 5 hours from Clark area, and 6 hours from Subic.

May 21, 2016

Baler-Aurora Suggested Itinerary (Two Days-One Night 2D/1N) and Expenses

Baler-Aurora Itinerary
A two-day, one-night tour in Baler, Aurora may not be enough but it is doable for people who exactly need shorter time but packed with different activities. You can extend your vacation to three days so you can insert fun activities like swimming and exploring Sabang Beach.

Baler Pasalubong and that Sleep from Baler Back to Baguio City

Coco jam and peanut butter, pasalubong in Baler, Aurora
When we reached our rooms in Sabang Beach, Baler, we eagerly packed our things and prepare to leave. I just sneaked a little time to actually revisit the waters of Sabang Beach and watch people learn to surf and those who already surf as their hobby. I said to myself, if ever I get to see Baler sooner, I will have to experience its surfing which Baler is famous for.

Diguisit Beach and Islets in Baler, Aurora

Diguisit Beach and rocks in Baler, Aurora
Diguisit Falls is the last spot where we swam. We did not actually swim the waters of our next destination, which is Diguisit Beach and Islets. It is our decision to just enjoy the view, pick up some fancy rocks, explore the hill-like islets, soak our feet on the warm ocean waters and drench our bodies under the scorching heat of the sun.