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Travex Travels is a personal travel blog dedicated to everyone who wants to now more about traveling places in the Philippines, explore some more adventure in the islands, and unleash some more fun in exploring the different gems of this country. By default, www.travextravels.com posts travelogues at the cheapest budget ever, grabbing more excitement to the last centavo. That is because the blogger wants to enjoy trips without the big bucks. For me “traveling is a man’s reward to his very own existence, makes a man appreciate of what the world can offer, does change one’s value to the environment, opens happiness from a man’s core and brings time into priceless moments”.

I am not a full time blogger and I don’t have a consistent internet connection. I am neither a writer nor a Communication course graduate. I am not even a tourism-related student. I am not a luxury traveler. But for the love to conquer places and paces of life, I created Travex Travels. Traveling is a midway between recreation and passion.

Unlike other travelers and travel bloggers, I am the traveler who wants to know the city first before leaping onto it. Prior to the trip, I plan it well and research every single thing I need to know before I get there. I don’t want to get lost, literally! It is so important to me that I need to research for the tour because those few hours I spent surfing and asking people will save me time the day I’ll have my tour. And the money of course, I need to budget and plan for it. You are a budget traveler, so am I.

I started this blog to help others who also want to enjoy their trips by dismantling useful information to them. I post travel updates so others will know and get the idea about the trip. In this simple way I also feel happiness whenever I answer a questioner about some uncertainties on his or her upcoming travel.

I am JOV and I am a member of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers (bagets). I am a proud Filipino and I love the Philippines. I would love to know other countries as well. I would love to travel the way I live my life, learn new things and know more of the entirety.

If you have something to say, don’t hesitate to comment on that certain post and I’ll try to reply as soon as I am online. If you want to guest post in here, sure. If you want to sponsor my blog or invite in your upcoming travel or food event, just hit CONTACT and I’ll get in touch with you the soonest! Have a nice day, traveler!

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