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Sunday, May 20

First Baguio Blog Conference: The Scenes

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Asiong32, Travex Travels, Watwatworld, Lakbay Baguio, together with Ingrid and Ada of Naimbag Nga Morning Kapamilya of ABS-CBN Baguio for the promotion of the First Baguio Blog Conference.

Just last Saturday, May, 19, 2012 at the UB Square Hall inside the University of Baguio, the First Baguio Blog Conference was held. With nothing to brag but with the urge to pursue this dream, the event was a success--at least for a day. The event did impart knowledge (about blogging) to the youth (and middle-aged group) who attended the event.

Sir Dean Cuanso of www.watwatworld.com during the FBBC held in University of Baguio Square Hall.

The people behind the success of the First Baguio Blog Conference. Both the guest speakers and organizers gathered in Kubong Sawali for a very sumptuous dinner.

More than 140 participants, both bloggers and newbies, attended the event. Though we did not meet the expected total number of attendees of 150, at least we are at the average somehow.

Meanwhile, these are some of the pictures taken and shot during the blogging seminar and some behind the scene pictures and gatherings--ingredients that made the conference a wonderful success for the entirety of Cordillera Region and Northern Luzon too.

Cordillera Bloggers at the Rose Garden, Burnham Park. From left to right, Vince of Lakbay Baguio, Emil of Asiong32, Joven of Travex Travels (me!), Ane of Milk Cereals and Chips, Yam of Yam Dangla, Dan of Igorot Journal and Dean of Wat Wat World.

Look at that! The event finally bade goodbye!

Cordillera Bloggers during the pre-gathering for the preparation of the event.

Participants took the chance to take pictures with their idol blogger (Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino @ the center).

Guest speakers and major collaborating sponsors were awarded these awesome souvenir statues only from the Cordilleras.
*All photos courtesy of Sir Dean Cuanso of www.watwatworld.com

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  1. Ang galing naman!!! More articles on the event please!

  2. Congratulations to all of you! Look forward hearing more activities from the Baguio and Cordillera bloggers community.

    1. Thanks Ms. Janette Toral. We all had a great time with you. Hope to see you on another event... at sana ma-invite din kami for future Manila events hehe. :)

  3. Ikaw ba to Kuya Vince??? Haha. Congrats din. ^^

  4. Yay for us! :D

    I think we did pretty awesome for our first try. :) BTW, I thought your talk was awesome. :D


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