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Saturday, June 2

Patar Beach in Bolinao or Tambobong Beach in Dasol: Which is Better?

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Patar Beach in Bolinao
Patar Beach in Bolinao is a barrio beach located at the tip of Brgy. Patar in Bolinao, a village about 30 minutes from the downtown. It is sometimes called Patar White Beach, but in fact the color of the sands is nearer to the golden one. Patar Beach in Bolinao is a short strip golden sand beach with some scattered rock formations and a small lagoon where kids can swim. Most of the times, the waves are strong, and the beach is somehow deep 2 meters from the shoreline. Patar Beach is a good location for building golden sand castles, swimming in a pool like mini lagoon, and surfing.

Tambobong Beach in Dasol
Tambobong Beach in Dasol on the other hand is another barrio beach located at Brgy. Tambobong in Dasol, Pangasinan which is approximately one hour from the downtown of Burgos, Pangasinan. The color of the sands is not really white but dirty-white, dull beige and a soil like dusty color. Most of the times (if not all) there are no waves, and it’s ideal to do swimming during high tide. During low tide, sea grasses appear. Tambobong Beach is also a fishing village of the locals. This is where you can see giant squids and tuna caught by the fishermen. Tambobong Beach is also a jump-off point to an island hopping adventure where you will witness a white sand beach island, rock formations, shipwreck and cave.

So now let’s get into the comparison of visiting the two places and generally decide which is better later. Here is a table:

Collibra Island in Dasol
Sands in Bolinao
Patar Beach (Bolinao)
Tambobong Beach (Dasol)

The sands of Patar Beach are fine, but white corals are somehow scattered when you go onto the waters.
The sands of Tambobong Beach are also fine; there are different corals scattered when you walk through its waters.
The beach boasts off its distinct golden sands. Its unique sands make it incomparable from others.
The beach is dirty white in appearance, like dull beige or a soil-like dust. It only appears white when the sun is scorching.
There are a few dead sea grasses along the shore, but most parts are already clean.
There are dead sea grasses along the shore. Dried leaves and twigs are also scattered.
The sea waves in Patar Beach are strong, it is not a good spot for swimming, but for surfing. Tourists though however can enjoy swimming on its mini lagoon beside it.
There are no strong waves in Tambobong Beach which makes it an ideal for swimming during high tide.
The color of the waters of the beach blends from vivid turquoise green to deep blue. A picturesque beach distinct from what you see in Collibra in Dasol (which is light aqua turning turquoise).
The waters of Tambobong seem ordinary from other beaches in the country. The color appears to be darker because of the sea weeds.
Patar Beach is a pure tourist destination.
Tambobong Beach is a fishing ground of the locals.
There are many cottages available in the beach. There are also kubos where tourists can stay overnight.
There are few cottages available. There are few kubos that can be rented overnight, but not in the beach.
Patar Beach offers a “golden sunset in a golden beach”.
Tambobong Beach offers a “refreshing sunrise”.
Patar Beach only offers its beach and the mini lagoon. But the beach is in proximity with the other tourist spots in Bolinao namely the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse (2nd tallest in the Philippines, it is featured in the movie “The Promise” of Angel Locsin), and the three caves.
Tambobong Beach is a jump-off point to an island hopping adventure. The adventure includes rock formation, a white sand beach on an island, a shipwreck and a cave.
Patar Beach is thirty minutes away from the nearest downtown.
Tambobong Beach is one hour away from the nearest downtown.
The road going to Patar Beach is halfway cemented and halfway rough.
The road going to Tambobong Beach is halfway cemented and halfway rougher and bumpy.
Locals speak Ilocano.
Locals speak Ilocano.
Souvenirs are readily available in the beach.
There are no souvenirs you can buy here.
Resorts are located near the beach and along the way. You can choose from budget friendly or luxurious resorts.
There are very few resorts.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Collibra Island, Dasol, Pangasinan
For the win, Patar Beach is more accessible, friendlier and more beautiful than Tambobong Beach. All the other tourist destinations in Bolinao are already in mainland Luzon, which makes it an ideal destination for incoming foreign tourists coming from Manila who does not need to travel by air to witness a spectacular beach. But you cannot blame for Tambobong Beach being a jump-off point to an island hopping adventure where you will experience priceless moments. Tambobong Beach is somehow below Patar Beach ratings, but the islands near it can compete directly to it.

So, have you already decided where to go? Patar Beach in Bolinao or Tambobong Beach in Dasol? I’ll leave the answer to you because the two will give you unique experiences which are distinct from each other! Better experience them yourself!

Starfish in Dasol, Pangasinan

Mini lagoon in Patar Beach, Bolinao
Tambobong Beach

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