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Wednesday, October 10

Travel and Meet New People

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Pinoy Travel Bloggers during the Ambuklao Trip last October 7, 2012.

A lot of people travel because they want to see new sites they have never been to. A lot of them travel because they want to try new adventures out of these places. And a club of travelers explore not only because they want to speculate new festivities and culture but also to meet new people along the way of the so-called journey. Traveling does not only give us surprises, it also gives you the courage to become who you really are by meeting these people who have the same interests with you.

This is Blog Essays 1 (Travel and Meet New People)

I have never imagined before that I was not alone in the world seeking new adventures. Not until I traveled. And just when I joined the club called “Pinoy Travel Bloggers”, I was overwhelmed by the fact that indeed I was not alone on my own pace. Those travel bloggers I met were also adventure seekers.

At first, I started traveling to see the different tourist spots I want to visit. That’s it. No journals whatsoever. But the fact that I can’t hide these good feelings I sense whenever I travel and so I started writing an online “journal” way back in 2011. No commitments. Just pure pleasure. I didn’t even care who even read those posts (those articles were actually the firsts I posted on Travex Travels in the month of February 2012). But these have changed when I met somebody online who travel blogs and included me in the Facegroup “PTB Bagets”. And the rest was a series of meetups and sharing of different stories. Likewise, meetups from another group “Cordillera Bloggers” initiated the success of our “First Baguio Blog Conference” held on May 19, 2012.
Capture moments with your digital camera.
If you happen to read this blog right now, do not hesitate to try yourself the fun of traveling. They might be strangers at first but who knows meeting these people might be a stepping stone to a lasting friendship. Sounds cheesy? Well, it’s not only making new friends, but how about those people you met and helped you during your travel in a mere snap—like those you asked for directions or those who simply smiled at you? You might not be able to be friends with them in a single moment, but that pint in your life is gap filler. They may not have a big impact on you but at least they pinched your heart in a quick second. Meeting good people in a beautiful city or town, that makes sense out of traveling.

Agno River, Benguet
I wonder still how many are still on my way for them to meet me or in a way I meet them. This simple thing called traveling, I may stop for quite some time, but I will never quit meeting new people. And for you who may track to meet new people out of traveling. Go hit it. You’ll never know what’s in there when you never tried it. Travel and meet new people my friend!

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