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Friday, November 2

Ferry from Cebu to Camotes

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Jomalia shipping ferry passengers during our trip to Camotes Island

One needs to ride a slow ferry (not a fast craft) to Camotes from Cebu. The ferry ride was approximately two hours but if there is only a bridge that connects mainland Cebu to Camotes Island then it would not even take you an hour to reach the island. And for two hours I spent time seeing seas and sniffing the salty air blowing through the sea craft.

Part 2 of Camotes Island Trip

Ferry route from Danao pier to Consuel pier in Camotes Island
From North Bus Terminal in Mandaue we rode a bus going to Borbon and dropped off in Danao City, just in front of the port. We paid for the ticket (regular passenger is P180, half fare for kids below 8 years old as of May 2012 for open-air seats). If you plan to go to Camotes too, be aware of departure schedules of ferry from Cebu to Camotes so you save more time to enjoy and relax.

It's as if rain is coming when we had our tour to Camotes.
Camotes is two hours away from Danao and it would be boring for you to just look and look at the wide seas. And when I went to Camotes last summer, it was not that sunny because just yesterday of our Camotes tour date it rained on the island. If you see the photos it really was like going to rain, thank God it really didn’t rain during our trip and thus we enjoyed it. :)

From the ferry, Camotes Island seems to be a lengthy island, but when you are already driving through the roads of the island, it is in fact a small island. And there is really the feeling that there is this certain island in the middle of the bigger islands of Cebu, Bohol and Leyte. It’s as if it never existed, but yes it existed. This mystic island that you will put in your list of your next tourist destinations you will visit.

We landed at the Consuelo pier safely. And the rest of the story in Camotes Islands is in the next part of this travel series.

View of Camotes Island from the ferry

Camotes Sea

Camotes Island Trip Travel Series:
Part 2: Ferry from Cebu to Camotes

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