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Tuesday, February 5

Komikon Baguio to Happen on February 9, 2013

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The Komikon Baguio poster
Do you love reading comic books or comics?

If you are going ask to me the same question, I definitely do. I love reading funny comics as much as I love writing travel articles for Travex Travels. Though I am not really as gifted as the others who are talented in such a way they are experts in creating visual icons and drawings, my fond of reading it enabled me to understand how illustrations work. And thus I am going to attend this very special event made for artists who are living in the City of Pines.

A Baguio Artist’s Refresher Event

Komikon Baguio is a bundle of several activities. The same thing happens too in Manila, Komikon Inc. will just bring Komikon to the artists and locals of Baguio City. In the event, Manix Abrera, Stephen Segovia, Mel Casipit, Emil Flores and Randy Valiente were listed as the guest speakers. There were other added guests too which were announced on Komikon Baguio Facebook page. Yes! Honestly speaking, it was Manix Abrera who will make me attend the event because I so much appreciate his comic books. Those Kikomachine Komix books were such amazingly witty and funny.

Komikon Baguio seat designation

The event will happen this February 9, 2013 in CAP Building, Post Office Loop, Session Road, Baguio City. If you are not familiar with it, this is also where ABS-CBN Baguio resides. If you are facing YMCA building near the circle in Session Road, walk to the left direction. The road is named as “Post Office Loop” and once you see the logo of ABS-CBN on its directory, that’s the building they were pertaining too. If you are a plain tourist who will just attend the event and you are going to hire a cab to take you there, you can just tell “ABS-CBN Baguio” in CAP Building and they know it already. Not that hard to note, isn’t it huh?

Some of the activities included in the event are character design contest and splash comics page contest. Character design is somewhat similar to poster making as it also includes a theme. On the other hand, splash comics page means you have to create on your own a sample comic page composing of balloons. Hmm. If only I have the talent for these kinds of activities, I will join it but heck, I cannot do it manually. Remember, I designed Travex Travels will all the aid of software like Corel and Adobe. Without them, Travex Travels will not be designed like ever!

There are designated numbers of the attendees and guest speakers. Komikon Baguio will also have its book auction which I really look forward too. And I wish Manix will sign my book too! Hey Manix, if you are reading this, make sure to sign a book for me!

Komikon Baguio will start at 9 AM and ends at 5 PM. There will be an entrance fee of P50 for non-students and P30 for students.

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