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Wednesday, June 19

How to Go to Itogon Hot Springs, Benguet

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Map on going to Itogon Hot Springs, Benguet

How to go to Itogon Hot Springs in Benguet:

If you are coming from Manila or outside Baguio City, then you have to reach the City of Pines first before you can directly head to Itogon, Benguet. Many buses are bound directly to Baguio City, like in the cities of Olongapo, Dagupan, Vigan or Manila. You’ll just have to know their last trip and first trip schedule prior to your plan.

If you are on a private car, you can take Antamok-Balatoc Road, reach the town then ask for the directions going to the “1300 Level Pools” or popularly known as Itogon Hot Springs. Roads going to Itogon are dangerous and not recommended for tourists who happen to be their first time to drive their way to Itogon on a rainy day. The roads are not well designed to resist land and mud slides. It is not also recommended to travel at night. When it’s not good to travel at night or on a rainy day, it is best to go to Itogon Hot Springs, Benguet on a bright sunny day, probably reaching Itogon early in the morning, from 7 AM or 9 AM. Travel time from Baguio to Itogon is approximately 1 hour or so, and it means you have to leave Baguio around 6 AM to 8 AM.
Location of jeepney terminal to Itogon
 If you are commuting your way to Itogon Hot Springs, Benguet, then you should go the jeepney terminal bound to Itogon. Their terminal is located along Lakandula Street, or one block away from “Jollibee Magsaysay”. “Jollibee Magsaysay” is in front of the Block Market. You’ll just have to look for Lakandula Street, and if you are already there, notice the destination marks of the jeepney. It should carry the word “Itogon”. Facing the back of University of Baguio buildings, the jeepneys are on the right side. If you see it, then hop on it.
From Session Road, you can walk your way to the terminal. It is located in Lakandula Street which is four corners away from lower Session Road.
Tell the driver that you are bound to Itogon Hot Springs. It is though the last destination of the trip, so no worries at all. Fare is P32.50 (regular) and P26 (students).

Once you ‘re there in Itogon Hot Springs, walk your way to the different resorts and choose one.

*On going back, ride the same jeepney, and it will drop you to the terminal in Lakandula Street. Same fare.

Out-of-the-town Outing to Itogon Hot Springs

Out-of-the-town Outing to Itogon Hot Springs Travel Series:
Part 3: How to Go to Itogon Hot Spring, Benguet

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