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Tuesday, July 16

While Doing a Study on Traffic Light Timers of Urdaneta City: I Travel and Learn

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Ang kalabaw ng Urdaneta City. :)
I was busy these past few and weeks and busier for the next few ones because I am currently conducting a study on traffic management system in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan focusing on its signalized intersections. In the whole province of Pangasinan, the city of Urdaneta is the only one which has these traffic lights equipped with countdown timers. All the rest were already in other parts of the country like Angeles City, Metro Manila and Butuan City in Agusan del Norte.

A Travel Gap Filler Post

McArthur-Alexander signalized intersection. (Urdaneta)
If only I were not busy these weeks, I would have already started posting my all-in-one Ilocos trip panalo, and probably I am already at my post-ender article. Unfortunately, I cannot handle to do these two separate things simultaneously—write travel articles and thesis at the same time. I just found a little time to actually do this travel gap filler post, which I don’t have any idea what topic to discuss.

Okay, let us say I travel a lot these weekends but it’s for the purpose of data collection. I and my friends travel to Urdaneta City and nearby town of Rosales to gather information from the different offices. We went to Urdaneta City, Pangasinan to visit their City Engineering Office, City Planning and Development Office, Public Order Safety Office, Urdaneta City Police Station and more. In Rosales, we went to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Office of the 3rd district of Pangasinan. We went to ask for the design of the traffic lights, the annual average daily traffic (AADT) of the signalized intersection and some more information from the head of the different offices.
Our research team with Urdaneta City Engineer Segundo Jr.
Fortunately, all is going well and based on the information given, the countdown traffic signals of Urdaneta City were efficient and it actually made the vehicular accidents chart decline. We were already at our final data gathering stage and our next thing to do is to interpret our results. We have also already surveyed more than 300 respondents getting their insights on the effectiveness of the traffic light timers.
Countdown traffic signals of Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.
I enjoyed doing this study because Urdaneta City is a decent city. If not only with its spaghetti-twisting electric wires and cables and its infinite noisy tricycles, it would have been one of the best urbanized city in the country, physically. This city is also the cleanest, greenest and safest city in Region 1 based on the information from their offices, in three years straight—2010, 2011 and 2012. Yes honestly this is true, it’s hard to see pieces of candy wrappers scattered in the streets. My family used to go to Urdaneta in the past few years, and I can say that it definitely improved. And I can also say that Urdaneta City Hall is way, way ,way better and more ORGANIZED than the city hall of Baguio. Besides, according to a news article, Urdaneta City is the richest city in Region 1 in terms of its fiscal appropriation. Hmmm and they Facebooko Shakes too haha.
Facebooko Shakes! One of the best! Mura pa. :D Like na like!
There is still a lot of things that can be improved in this city. I asked if the central business district is a flood-prone area, but the city engineer told me that they have already upgraded their drainage system and only the strongest typhoons can actually flood the area—unlike several locations in Metro Manila that one day of continuous rain and its already flooded. Of course, the outskirts of the city can be flooded because some of them were actually catchments flushing out the sea. Yeah whatever.
Urdaneta City Hall and the research team from Saint Louis University
I want to be an urban planner someday and for me, Urdaneta City is a good prospect for this. Just like Baguio, Urdaneta is also a university town. It packs a fraction of the population that is students and these people make the city busier. And I salute their city mayor and staff for their achievement as the cleanest, safest and greenest city in Ilocos Region (do not ask about Dagupan haha). Good job for this!

Anyway, we will try our best to finish our study focusing in this location. And we hope that after our study, we can help their government to provide information that they can use for their future plans. Kudos!

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