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Saturday, January 3

Paradise Found in Nambalan River, Mayantoc, Tarlac

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Nambalan River, Mayantoc, Tarlac
I and my old good friends in high school decided to see each other and spend a day in of my friend’s place in Mayantoc, a small town in Tarlac Province. It’s been years now that we haven’t seen each other and more years since the last time we had our simple nature trip just inside the borders of the province. I thought Tarlac Province was just mere rice plains and concrete jungle called SM, but yes, there is a nature side of this province, particularly those barangays near the mountains, waiting for you to discover it.

Another ‘Doon Po sa Nayon’ Trip in the Province

Enjoy swimming in Nambalan river
Probably if you are looking for a nature adventure in Tarlac, check out the towns of San Jose, Santa Ignacia, Mayantoc, Camiling or San Clemente as these towns have barangays or villages which are at the foot of the western mountain ranges. The one we visited is a barangay called Nambalan in the town of Mayantoc.

Mayantoc is tagged as the “Summer Capital of Tarlac”, but do not expect sweater weather here just like Baguio. I think the reason they tagged it as that is because this particular town is situated on the hilly parts of Tarlac. Besides there are some tourist spots waiting for you to visit them in time.
Cottages are readily available near the river

Local tourists visit the river

Kids enjoy swimming in Nambalan

Tourist destinations include Labney Water Camps, Calao Mountain and Nambalan River, or an eco-trail on these tourist spots in Tarlac. We only visited Nambalan River. From the junction of Romulo Highway and the road going to the town proper of Mayantoc, it will take you around 10 minutes and another 15-20 minutes drive will take you from Mayantoc Town Proper to Nambalan River.

When we went there, there are several cottages already placed alongside the ‘shore’ of the river. They call it the “Veronica Resort” with a placard saying that there is an entrance fee of P10 for adult and P5 for children for the maintenance of the said ‘paradise’. The river was clean and the views over there were stunning, natural, and exquisite. Mountains and mountains and mountains, rivers and rocks. The best thing that I like in Nambalan River was the fact that the water is very calm—a good sign that is an ideal place for swimming. Aha! At last, I found a clean river where we can actually swim without thinking of counter flowing the current of the river. I also visited a clean (and cold) river in Peñablanca near the famous Callao Caves (posts soon) but find it to be not suitable for activities like swimming because the current was strong. Pwede kang tangayin sa lakas ng agos.
Calm waters of Nambalan River

Swimming pa more!

Maliban sa malinis, kalmado nga ang tubig sa Nambalan River. Moreover, the depth of the river is sloped gradually and since the water is clear, you can see the bottom sands and rocks of the river. The only drawback when we visited the place was its cold water. Maybe because of the Amihan season. But comes summer season, it could probably be one of the best summer destinations for a recreation or picnic.

There are already restrooms available when we went there so basically, it is a must place to visit. However, motorists should be advised that the roads getting there are not paved or concrete, so bear a rocky and dusty drive to get there. Nambalan River is a new found paradise for me, hopefully, the people will get to appreciate it and maintain the place as well. Maybe next time, I’ll try to visit all the other tourist spots in Mayantoc, Tarlac.
The river's like a pool
How to Commute to Nambalan River, Mayantoc from Manila:
1.    Ride a bus going to Bolinao/Alaminos/Anda/San Carlos via Camiling (Five Star/Victory Liner/Fermina/Dagupan Bus/Solid North etc).
2.    Tell the driver to drop you off at “Crossing Mayantoc”.
3.    Ride a trike (P16/head) to Mayantoc Town Proper.
4.    From Mayantoc Town Proper, ride a trike to Nambalan, tell the driver to bring you to the ‘resort’. Fare is P40/head.

Note: Bring your own pack lunch, breakfast, dinner or whatsoever.

Tourists flock to this part in Mayantoc, Tarlac

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