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Wednesday, March 21

Up, Up and Away from Angeles

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So how about just sitting up in the air?

Part 2 of 2012 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark
Since I got this feeling that I need to travel just like every month, I finally decided to attend this 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark. As it is just two hours away from Camiling (my hometown), I finalized my travel to Clark on February 12, 2012.

FUN FACT: I don’t know what’s happening in me, but my travel to Subic happened on a supposed “Dooms Day” in 2011, I traveled to Bolinao on September 11, 2011 (a decade after the 9-11 bombing) and this Hot Air Balloon Festival on February 12, 2012—or 02-12-2012! What a weird fun fact out of my travels!

I woke up early in the morning of February 2012. Then I went out, together with my nephew Nikos, to catch an early bus bound to Pasay. The trip took two hours, passing through the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) from Concepcion, Tarlac to NLEX Exit. I was already actually late if the scheduled opening time was followed (but found out I was still early knowing that it didn’t start at the supposed time). We directed ourselves to Clark Main Gate, then to the field afterwards.

There was a heavy traffic that time because of the flocks of tourist coming to see also the event. So what we did was to drop at the gate near the Friendship Highway, and walk until we get into the area where you will fall in line to present your ticket and eventually get inside the complex.

It was like a foundation day inside. Booths were around, people were scattered. I went nearer to the fence, but I can’t seep in through the mass, so I just contented myself to just observe the balloons with so many people in front. The result—no good photos! Some were blurred, most had heads! So if I were you, better get early, so you can secure a good slot for you to catch magnificent photos for your uploads.

I cannot explain which of the balloons soared first. So the pictures will tell you what actually happened that day. After the balloons ran out of gas, the show ended. But to maintain the people’s excitement, the event also exhibited paragliding and aerobatic show.
We walked around the area, took some photos out of everywhere. We went to see some booths, let my nephew play for a while inside the play area with an inflated slide, and checked some food booths.

The weather isn’t participating that time. I actually plan to stay until the night glow but I decided to go home early and just skip the afternoon exhibitions. Unluckily, the night glow didn’t push through; therefore I made the right decision.

I wanted to explore more of Angeles that time. But I don’t have any knowledge about Angeles City. To quench our thirst and feed our ever hungry stomachs, we went to SM City Clark to dine in McDonald’s (my nephew suggested it). After that, I bought some doughnuts in Krispy Kreme (yummy!). And with nothing to do anymore (and since we were tired already and felt sleepy) we finally headed back to Dau Terminal and hitched inside a bus bound to Bolinao and dropped at the market in Camiling.

In totality, the event was good. Honestly speaking, I didn’t enjoy it much mainly because the weather was not nice that time. If only the blue sky showed up, I would have jumped up and down just to see how that flying car soared up—or that giant cake went up, up and away from Angeles.

Part 2: Up, Up and Away from Angeles

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