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Thursday, May 24

Baguio Restaurant? Go for Kubong Sawali

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Mouthwatering food in Kubong Sawali, Pinoy style. Photo courtesy: Ane of www.milkcerealsandchips.com

At the heart of Military Cut-Off Road lies a Pinoy authentic cuisine restaurant, Kubong Sawali. If you are looking for a Baguio restaurant where you will enjoy eating your next dinner and if you have never gone to a place in Baguio where authentic Pinoy dishes are served, look no further. The next time you visit Baguio, go for Kubong Sawali, and I assure you that you will taste some of the best Pinoy dishes like no other.

Sumptuous dinner served for the FBBC speakers and organizers by Kubong Sawali.

I am a Baguio-based blogger, and even before I do not do blogging, whenever mom wants to come here, I would suggest her to bring us to Kubong Sawali. The food, the drinks, the ambiance—it’s all at Kubong Sawali. What I really enjoyed eating in this restaurant is their bilao-style food that they serve. It’s so good. In one bilao, you can have the best combination of food like bangus (milkfish), hipon (shrimp), and barbecue—and match it with other dishes like sashimi and veggie side dish. They have different bilao combinations and it’s up to your choice (but the one I enjoy eating the most is their seafood bilao).

When it comes to their rice, I suggest the seafood rice and you will eventually realize that “Kanin pa lang, ulamna!” And tie it up with their KubongSawali shake. Pak! Solve na! But! You can always try their specialty dish like sizzling chicken and bangus, it’s oh so yummy. I also enjoyed eating their sinigangnahipon and nilaga during the dinner for the First Baguio Blog Conference’s speakers and organizers. Yep, Kubong Sawali is the Cordillera Bloggers’ official restaurant partner during the First Baguio Blog Conference. They serve some of the best dishes in Baguio.

Be serenaded by a sweet voice form Mr. de Leon, the singer for the acoustic nights on Fridays and Saturdays only in Kubong Sawali

Kubong Sawali has three branches, two in Baguio (the other one located in SM City Baguio) and one in Bauang, La Union. For more info and contact details, you can log on to www.kubongsawali.com.

I'll try to post pictures of their food soon if I got them. But if not, anyway, just try their food, it's really good! (All photos not related to food courtesy of Dean Cuanso)

All photos related to food courtesy of Ane Fallarme.

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  1. It was a definitely fun day and the food was the perfect ending. :)

    Is Kubong Sawali in SM Baguio still open?


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