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Saturday, January 12

The Magic Stays in Enchanted Kingdom, Laguna

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Meet the mascot and rest of the magical enchantment of Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna.

The Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is one of the pioneering theme amusement parks in the Philippines. It boasts off several cool and thrill rides that people will enjoy out of getting away from their day-to-day work. It’s my time’s favorite theme park ever and out of the several exciting and enchanting rides, my top picked nerve-racking adventures were the Rio Grande Rapids (you will really get wet!), the Space Shuttle (loop and the upside down coaster) and one of its latest addition: the EKstreme Tower Experience (get a drop from about 150 feet free fall!). Well, it’s really the most fun park after all…not until Resorts World Bayshore and ABS-CBN finish their “Escape” theme park.

Space Shuttle is Enchanted Kingdom's loop coaster!

Theme Park Mania: Enchanted Kingdom

One of the latest rides of Enchanted Kingdom
I will not talk about the “Escape” thing but from what I have heard, it’s a future outdoor amusement park with its size a bit smaller than Enchanted Kingdom but promises more rides to be constructed in the reclaimed area in Manila Bay. I got some rumors that the park will compose of attractions patterned to the country’s famous tourist spots like the Mayon Volcano. It’s a project team up of Resorts World and ABS-CBN, in line with the ongoing Entertainment City of Manila. The park is likely to open five years from now. Still far indeed.

Back to the story, Enchanted Kingdom is a fun park. Its exciting rides make people come back for more. I still remember the first time I rode the Space Shuttle thing sometime in 2007, it was cool! I rode it twice during our trip to Enchanted Kingdom.

Get a free fall ride from about 150 feet with the EKsteme Tower Experience!
 From what I noticed five years after I visited the theme park again, Enchanted Kingdom noticeably added attractions like the “Shake, Rattle & Roll House” (it was not there yet in 2007), the EKstreme Tower Ride (it was already there in 2007, but it’s not working), the ride similar to Viking except you are being twisted haha. They also added a laser tag game (which I still haven’t tried so far). I tried all the three exciting rides and I never regret it! It’s fun specially that free fall ride! It’s as if I’m getting a bungee jump!

Sadly there were a lot of people who visited the park on that night. There was an ongoing party and a fireworks display competition of five different Asian countries. The park was jam-packed and you have to fall in line to the comfort room if you want to pee. I hope the management expands its theme park so it can accommodate more people. Nonetheless, I’ll wait for that “Escape” theme park in Pasay City as it sounds interesting. Besides it’s nearer. Hmmm. But for now, Enchanted Kingdom gives me that adrenalin rush out of their rides. Star City is also a good choice but the ambiance of Enchanted Kingdom as an outdoor park (compared to indoor) makes it a winner over the other one.

The entrance fee to Enchanted Kingdom plays from P400 and above. It’s worth it for as long as it’s not a jam-packed Sunday. I find my second return visit to the park quite “bitin” because as far as I remember; I only tried like only five rides out of all the rides. Imagine falling in line for an hour and ride the attraction for a minute. Imagine that ratio! So if you want to enjoy your rides in Enchanted Kingdom, be early. You can have all the time until it closes since it’s a ride-all-you-can pass. And don’t forget that EKstreme Tower Experience. It’s worth the Enchanted Kingdom and its magical fantasy entrapped in this amusement park. Enjoy!

Enchanted Kingdom Ferris Wheel

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