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Monday, March 4

Shout Your Dreams to Echo Valley, Sagada

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Me in the Echo Valley of Sagada, Mountain Province.

Hello (hello, hello). Is there anybody out there (there, there)?

A bit of graveyard related history, we walked all the way down to the Echo Valley. When someone is reaching the up-close hanging coffins, he has to go first at the back of the church, follow the sign that goes to the mountain vale, reach the tombs, and follow the path at the back of the tombstones. Yes, this part of the Sagada travel series deals with words like “church”, “dead”, “tombs”, “coffins” and “hang”.

Full Video of the Sagada Travel Presentation.
One part featured here is the Echo Valley. You can turn the HD setting on.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

I remember one of my friends told me that she was really scared of seeing caskets and coffins. She doesn't peek at one’s dead body (particularly the face) when she attends for the mourning masses of their dead loved one. And when I told this particular trip to Sagada, she cannot believe that coffins were actually the main tourist attractions. There is this feeling that makes her uncomfortable whenever we speak of something like death, cemeteries and coffins (patay, sementeryo at kabaong). It sounds weird but this is entirely a new different way of seeking adventure. Sagada’s Echo Valley Tour talks about culture and the way beyond life but it is not completely similar to Baguio’s ghost tours. I still haven’t tried this ghost tour in Baguio though somebody has already invited me, but I swear the Echo Valley Tour in Sagada is much more like a culture appreciation, rather than seeing the unseen.

Limestone formation and pine trees in Echo Valley, Sagada.

From the Echo Valley, you can see a part of the whole town of Sagada.

At the back of the cemetery of Sagada is the whole of Echo Valley. But you have to walk a few more minutes to reach the site where the echo really resounds when you shout, (shout, shout) your dreams, (dreams, dreams). So how will you know if you already reached that point? Shout your dreams! If it didn’t resonate a few times, then chances are, you still are not in the “echo valley”. Because the Echo Valley literally means “echo”.

The Echo Valley will let you see how nature is bounty in this simple town of Sagada in Mountain Province. It has a vast forest of pine trees and mystical sets of limestone formations that appear like icicles. It was an up-close version of the mountain views you will get to see during the bus ride.

Echo Valley

You will have to spend some 10 minutes to feel the essence of being there in the Echo Valley. Aside from the wide angles of nature, there is also this rock beside it where people can rock climb. Rock climbing is one of the more adventurous activities in Sagada. If you are into it, you can try it. Ask the tourism info or the SAGGAS for equipment to be used.

I love how Sagada and Echo Valley is just that rustic. And without further ado, we climbed down the hill to further see what’s in the Echo Valley. By the way when you are at the ‘shouting point’ in the Echo Valley, you will also get to see a farther group of hanging coffins.

Beautiful nature sceneries of Echo Valley

This is where you shout your dreams in Echo Valley!

My friend did not tell me that the up-close hanging coffins were located in the Echo Valley. I thought they were somewhere farther from the downtown. Some tourists also don’t know about this thing, so if you are coming with just you, the up-close of the hanging coffins can be seen in the Echo Valley. You’ll just have to go down the hill and look for it.

And because Echo Valley equals nature, prepare for a little trekking and hiking and some turning points where it’s hard to know if you are walking at the right path. A few more perseverance will lead you to the famous Hanging Coffins of Sagada.

Be careful though because it is more than 10 feet down below.

Prepare for a trek in Echo Valley to reach the Hanging Coffins.

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