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Wednesday, March 13

How to Go to Sagada Attractions: Echo Valley

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Map of the different Sagada attractions going to Echo Valley.

To reach the different tourist attractions in Sagada:

From Manila, ride a bus directly bound to Sagada. Or ride a bus bound to Baguio. In Baguio, go to GL Trans Terminal (see related Sagada terminal map post here). Ride ordinary bus going to Sagada. Fare around P220 and travel time up to 6 hours.

For the Echo Valley tour, head first to the Stone Church of Sagada. The other Sagada attractions can be located in Echo Valley.

From the church, go at the back (marker is the wheel) and when you see stairs, climb it. Do not go to the retreat house, instead follow the sign that leads to Echo Valley.

Turn left when you reach the winder and reach the graveyard of Sagada. From the graveyard, go to the back of it and follow the trail that goes to Echo Valley.

Marker of Echo Valley shouting site is a plain overlooking view. To reach the Hanging Coffins, go down the Echo Valley, follow the path that leads to the Hanging Coffins.

To go back, you have to reach the stone church.

*Reminder: If you do not have a guide, be sure to memorize all the paths you have taken because you might get lost. This is just one part of the tours on the different Sagada tourist spots.

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