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Tuesday, October 23

Stobosa – Colors of Valley: A Living Art near Baguio City

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Stobosa Colors of Valley near Baguio City
A month after I visited Manila to catch up stories with some college buddies, I headed north to Baguio. It was a few days after Valentine’s Day. I and my friends do not have a concrete plan on what to visit in Baguio for two days but then we decided to visit the places we haven’t been before—and those two are the Colors of Valley in La Trinidad, Benguet and Bencab Museum in Baguio.

Part 1 of Baguio Quick Trip

Baguio: City of Crafts and Folk Arts
I arrived in Baguio the night before we visited Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork. It was cold and the sweater weather made me realize the old times I had in Baguio a few years back. It was February so the cold weather should not be that surprising. We went to visit a karaoke bar and there we sang our hearts out of missing the days where we were still years younger and when the time flew so fast. It has been six years since the last time we had karaoke party in Baguio.

How I wish I could turn back the time and let those past little moments last longer. It was fun to be with those people who I spent my college years. It was like we were transported back in the year 2012 when we used to roam and explore Baguio together. Baguio is like a time machine—every time I go there, it always feels like it was not the present time but the footprints of the yesteryears. It was 2018 when we visited the Stobosa or Colors of Valley in La Trinidad, Benguet.

We did not wake up early the next morning, and my friend who accommodated us for a night or two prepared us brunch already. We went out to try the famous eatery in Governor’s Pack Road below SM City Baguio that day and it was a great start to continue our tour.

We went to Baguio Market and headed to the jeepney terminal across Baguio Center Mall. We rode the jeepney bound to La Trinidad and dropped at the Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork. The driver fairly knows this new tourist spot in Metro Baguio as Stobosa is along the highway going to La Trinidad, Benguet. It is a few meters (or kilometer) away from Baguio Bell Church, another popular Baguio tourist destination.
This is the Bell Church in Baguio, a few meters away from the new tourist attraction of Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork

The Colors of Stobosa, or Colors of Valley in La Trinidad, Benguet, a short distance from Baguio City, is a new tourist destination in this part of the region. It was initiated by the Department of Tourism as part of the Rev-Bloom project of the department. The design of the artworks was conceptualized by the Tam-awan Artist Village group by Chanum Foundation—the group behind another artsy tourist attraction in Baguio which is the Tam-awan Village.

The Stobosa Coloras of Valley was inspired by the favela paintings in Brazil. Roughly 150-200 houses participated in this project and it was a great success as the painting transformed this community in a living piece of art where the people of the community contributed to its success in both finishing the project and maintaining its beauty. The village was upgraded tenfold times its previous façade.
Houses were painted in different colorful tones and shades in Stobosa

There were no entrance fees whatsoever but the community desk is willing to accept donations if you feel generous to give back to this community. There were also souvenir shops when you cross the other end of the bridge. We were not able to get to the other side of the bridge as we were already satisfied with our selfies and photos taken from the bridge itself.

The Colors of Stobosa is a great addition to the vast arts playground of the greater region of Baguio since Baguio was named as one of the UNESCO Creative Cities more than a year ago. Baguio was entitled this prestigious designation as it deserved to be one of the list for preserving and nurturing the culture and the art of the Cordilleran people. There was this “Project Puraw” in Baguio where they plan to paint most of the houses in Quirino Hill in white color but I’m not sure if it was pursued by the government of Baguio.
Selfie time with friends!

We did not stay longer in the Colors of Valley/Stobosa as there are also plenty of tourists trying to snap a photo with the colorful houses in the background. We walked across the street and hailed a jeepney back to Baguio City and then rode the jeepney going to Bencab Museum—the next tourist spot we visited.

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