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Friday, March 30

Botanical Garden of Baguio

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Igorot statues inside Botanical Garden, Baguio City, Philippines

Part 4 of Leonard Wood Baguio Tour
After staring at the windows of the famed haunted white house (or after the haunted white house stared at us), we finally decided to move on and walk a few more meters to Teachers’ Camp (just stopped for a while and took pictures but we didn’t manage to get inside as we didn’t have anything to do there). We then crossed a bridge and continued to walk until we reached the Botanical Garden. There are a group of Igorots in costume in front of Botanical Garden, so if you don’t want to miss the photo op with the Igorots (or if you want to be in Igorot costume), then go ahead and take a photo with them. There is a fee of Php 20 per shot, so if you are on a tight budget, just cross the road to the other side, zoom your DSLR and presto, you have it.

The Botanical Garden was recently renovated; therefore photos here might have not been the same with the newly renovated one. But I’ll try to get back so I could update this post sooner. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed with the park before it was not yet renovated because you can actually see and feel that the park was not maintained.

What to see inside the garden? Flowers of course. Plants around. Some high statues of local Igorots and miniature cultural local houses, a small pond and a vast forest of pine trees. There is also a small tunnel inside the park where locals used to go to during the World War II but we haven’t get inside it to see its trail because, as I have said, the park was not maintained and therefore we cannot go into it since the shrubs and vines were blocking the opening of the tunnel.

If the battery of the camera was not yet totally depleted, we would have continued our walk tour to Wright Park (just go straight ahead and when you reach the Pacdal Circle, go walk straight to Gibraltar Road). Hence this walk tour is limited to tourist spots we visited along Leonard Wood.

So whenever you feel like just walking in this mountain city of Baguio, try it along Leonard Wood. It’s a fun thing to do. And Leonard Wood is just a part of the many walk tours in Baguio. And I’ll try to discuss them in my next posts so check them out.

Leonard Wood Baguio Tour Travel Series
Part 4: Botanical Garden of Baguio

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