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Wednesday, March 28

Baguio Walk Tour: Leonard Wood

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A flower inside Botanical Gardens, Baguio City

Part 1 of Leonard Wood Baguio Tour
 This should be the first installment of all the trips I ever traveled. I already spent one-fourth of my life being a Baguio resident and I now know how life works in Baguio. This walk tour can be done in less than two hours. I wanted to include this Leonard Wood Baguio Tour in a travel series that deals with the different Baguio tourist spots, but I finally decided to separate it. Another Baguio travel series will be posted right after this Leonard Wood Baguio Tour.

Okay, so what is a walk tour? A walk tour is a typical traveler’s tour without riding a vehicle, similar to a road trip, except that traveler is only required to walk the road instead of driving through it. Leonard Wood on the other hand is a road in Baguio City where many of its tourist attractions are located. You might have heard of 50’s Diner, The Haunted White House (or The Laperal White House), Teachers’ Camp and Botanical Garden. These popular Baguio destinations are connected with a single road called “Leonard Wood”.If you have plenty of calories to burn or if you just enjoy walking the mountain city of Baguio, then this walk tour is best for you.

HIGHLIGHTS: walking, Baguio restaurant, picture taking then back to walking again

PLAN BEFORE YOU GO: Leonard Wood Baguio Tour
There are a few things we should list down here before doing this walk tour in Baguio. Check them out:

THE ROAD. We aren’t talking about the movie here. I am pertaining to Leonard Wood. To describe Leonard Wood means “long and winding road of ups and downs”. But you don’t have to worry because the grades (or slopes) of the hilly parts of the roads are not extreme. As a matter of fact, the road from 50’s Diner to The Haunted White House seems normal.The only drawback here is that the road is long that you need enough energy to fulfill this. The walk tour is okay because you will see lots of pine trees along the road. To see the map, please check How to Go to Baguio Tourist Spots: Leonard Wood.

THE ITINERARY. If you plan to do this walk tour together with other tourist attractions in Baguio, I suggest you allot one whole day for the walk tour then include Wright Park, The Mansion, and Mines View Park. If you are a point-and-shoot type of person when it comes to photo taking, then Mines View Park should be your last destination. Do not jam pack everything in one day, I swear you will feel stressed afterwards. Me and my friends did a bunch of walk tours including Mines View Park, Diplomat Hotel Ruins and Camp John Hay and I felt so haggard after the tour. I lost all my energy! Remember, Baguio tourist attractions require your energy because they include endless walk tours. Particularly when you wander around Camp John Hay and Philippine Military Academy. Again, the walk tour is good for one day, then probably include Mines View Park. Then just spend the remaining time eating in a good restaurant and feel the cool breeze of mountains or just sleep for another tiresome tour the next day.

Suggested itinerary for this:
  •  50’s Diner (or you can eat after the last stop of the tour)
  • The Haunted White House
  • Teachers’ Camp (not really a tourist attraction)
  • Botanical Garden

  • Wright Park
  • The Mansion
  • Good Shepherd Convent (not really a tourist attraction but more of a pasalubong center)
  • Mines View Park

THE CAMERA. Remember, you are going to take pictures as many as possible because you are documenting a walk tour. What’s the point of doing a walk tour when you won’t take picture of a good subject you just passed by the road? Do it like a photographer! Be sure to fully charge your battery. The battery of the camera we used was depleted until we reached Botanical Garden. Thank goodness it lasted that long. We took more than a hundred photos when we did it.

THE WATER. To quench your thirst, you have to bring a bottle of water during the tour. You will really feel exhausted, especially when you include Mines View Park as a part of the walk tour (but you can always ride a jeepney that goes to Mines View Park from Botanical Garden).

THE BUDGET. There are no entrance fees in the entire tourist attractions included in this series. But there are fees when you want to take pictures with the local Igorots (in Botanical Garden). What you will have to budget here is the food. Php 100 is already enough when you dine in 50’s Diner.

THE WEATHER (AND OTHER THINGS). It isn’t really cold in Baguio during summer. But for the sake of sudden weather conditions, you might as well need to bring a thin jacket and umbrella. If you plan to visit Baguio during the months of December and January, or when the weather in Baguio is mostly cloudy, then you are required to bring a jacket. Cool breeze snaps at you especially during the night. You can actually feel the temperature difference as soon as you go back to Manila again. Baguio indeed is a good place to enjoy summer without the scorching heat and the sunburn on your skin.

Leonard Wood Baguio Tour Travel Series
Part 1: Baguio Walk Tour: Leonard Wood

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  1. Naalala ko nadaanan namin yang whitehouse nayan . malapit lang yan sa Azalea diba> i miss baguio

    1. Yun nga hehe. Lapit lang sa Azalea. :) Punta ka for the blog conference.

  2. sayang di pwede pumasok sa laperal house no? would be nice if they conduct tours inside din

    1. Oo, kasi private yun eh. Hindi pde pumasok hanggang labas lang... :)

  3. hi your article is really helpful. but can you add something about it. about leonard wood road? i mean the history and how or why it was name after major general leonard wood.? tnx ^^


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