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Monday, June 18

Zio’s Pizzeria: Best Baguio Pizza Ever

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Try Zio's Pizzeria Quattro Formaggi pizza and define its nearest Pinoy counterpart. (Photo taken at Zio's Pizzeria, Leonard Wood.)

Eating a hot pizza in this cold city of Baguio is a mouthwatering adventure, especially when you eat at Zio’s Pizzeria, where the best Baguio pizzas are served. Do not under estimate this young pizza house in Baguio as your jaws will drop the first time you see their best sellers, your nose will become a stalker the first time you smell their aroma and how much more when you taste them? Forget about everything as the best tasting pizza bursts in your mouth! Once tasted, forever wanted!

Baguio pizza: Quattro Formaggi
Starting the pizza business in 2007, the pizza house was a hit at Military Cut-Off Road in Baguio City and eventually branched out two more located separately in Magsaysay Avenue and Leonard Wood. There pizzas were different from the ordinary pizzas served in the city, as they include Pinoy touch in every flavor they have. One of the best sellers I tasted was their Quattro Formaggi (don’t ask me what that means) which is a combination of four different cheese. It might sound like a foreign flavor, but once you taste it, it definitely feels very familiar in your mouth—a Pinoy flavor like no other, gently scattering its good taste to all the corners of your tongue. Me and my friends were actually figuring it out and the closest guess to our uncertainty was “bibingka” cooked fresh and soft. Only that the cheese defines the rest—and the other half was for you to enjoy.

Beef Melanzana pizza only at Zio's Pizzeria

Zio's Pizzeria, Leonard Wood, Baguio City.
Ceiling (and walls) were decorated with geometric patterns.
The other one I tasted was the Beef Melanzana. Its flavor was very true, and I never imagined that eggplants can actually compliment as toppings to pizzas! I don’t usually eat eggplants just plain boiled (in our house) but this pizza made me change my mind—and that is eggplants are yummy! Never realized that? Try Zio’s Beef Melanzana pizza.

Me and my friends were also given a privilege to actually taste for the first time ever one of their upcoming pizzas (I cannot remember exactly the name of the pizza because the delectable flavor made me forget it haha). But what I remember is its very crispy thin crust, mark my words, it’s really very crispy. And the toppings? Overwhelming with flavors! If you happen to drool at once with their pizza, try to look for this new thin crust pizza. I guess it’s coming this June if not in July 2012.

All the three flavors I happen to taste were extraordinary to the tongue, to the extent that you realize you are eating a “pangmayaman” na pizza. But then again I am telling you, Zio’s Pizzeria in Baguio is one of the most affordable pizzas in this city; it is not a luxury pizza—but the taste somehow mimics! Plus the ambiance of the food house is a “pizza-themed” one, live colors like yellow and red were painted and geometric patterns add to its design.

And you will never have to worry for extra service charge. They will never charge you that. (Unlike other pizza restaurants, oh well the business of course.)

So if you happen to travel and wander in Baguio City anytime of the year, do not forget to eat at Zio’s Pizzeria. They serve the bestselling pizzas (and pastas) in the city. Try their pizzas and you’ll never regret about it. Write down Zio’s Pizzeria in your restaurant bucket list. We never know, you are the only traveler, tourist or wanderer who frequents to Baguio but never tried the best pizzas served by Zio’s Pizzeria. Don’t be the last one to taste it—go ahead and give it try!

Zio’s Pizzeria Main Branch
Military Cut-Off Road (beside Kubong Sawali Restaurant)
Baguio City

Other branches:

Zio’s Pizzeria Magsaysay Branch
Magsaysay cor. Private Road (after Iglesia ni Cristo Church)

Zio’s Pizzeria Leonard Wood
Leonard Wood (near Mountain Lodge and a few more meters from Hotel Azalea) in front of Teacher’s Camp gate

For inquiries and reservation, you can contact them at +63743043100. Inquiries, suggestions and reservations can also be done through their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ziospizzeria, just like their page anyway!

For promotions, watch it out on their Facebook page. I smell something good happening in a few weeks!

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  1. Great Post! Nice Photo, i would definitely visit Zio's one of these days...oh wait.. i just did! hehehe

  2. Wow.... will surely check this pizza resto out.Planning to visit Baguio next year. Scanning the web already for places to eat great food at affordable prices.

  3. can someone please provide the contact number of Leonard Wood branch. Thank you :)


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