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Saturday, June 23

Paint the Baguio Graffiti at Bencab Museum

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Redefine art with graffiti in Bencab Museum, Baguio City.

Bencab Museum in Baguio City is a museum dedicated to the finest of the arts and the most artistic of the crafts in Baguio. It is a home of well painted art galleries and a realization of gifted hands which can draw things out of bare imagination. On the other hand, graffiti are writings and drawings painted or posted on a wall surface without authorization. You can see a lot of them on public walls and suburbs but well you don’t have to preach the one who painted it on a wall adjacent to Bencab Museum; it’s a part of the museum itself and as I have said, it’s a Baguio graffiti that stands out of the rest because of its distinct feature of culture and imagination merged together.

Bencab Museum

Part 1 of Baguio Destinations (Again and Again)

Artworks inside Bencab Museum.
This part of Travex’s Baguio tour was not already included in the long walk tour we did in Leonard Wood, Burnham, Grotto and Diplomat. However this tour (Bencab Museum and Camp John Hay only) was done with fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers (Bagets) Emil (asiong32.blogspot.com) and Haiz (journeyingpinay.blogspot.com). It should have been a Baguio food tour because we managed to visit different restaurants in Baguio within one day and one night but I’ll just make a single post on that later.

Haiz, the "Journeying Pinay" and her son at the Bencab Museum. (Backdrop: Baguio graffiti)

Anyway we planned to visit Bencab Museum in Baguio. We took a taxi to go there, unfortunately upon arriving at the entrance door of the museum, it was closed. We realized it was Monday that time, and for you who are planning to visit this cool museum in Baguio, never visit it on a Monday, as you will be frustrated to know it was closed. (Just always, always remember that most museums in the country are closed on Mondays, okay?)

We were supposed to see artworks like that one above and a lot more, but we haven’t seen them because it was closed on Mondays (do I have to reiterate it again? :] ). Luckily there were some artworks already available outside of the museum, and those were the graffiti I was referring to. They were cool indeed and mirror the creativity of local Igorots and Baguio people, and how they can show the world that they were God’s chosen ones in terms of artistry.

We did not stay long at the Bencab Museum (entrance door only). We got inside the taxi and told the driver to bring us to the Camp John Hay and had our tsokolate at the Choco-Late de Batirol.

Fish at the mini pond.
So if you are planning to see artworks and galleries in Baguio, you can visit Bencab Museum. By the way, entrance fee is P100 (P80 for students, just bring your valid IDs). Baguio is not just known for its cool climate and recreational parks; it’s also a home of paintings and crafts so try to visit Bencab Museum and other museums and gallery houses like Baguio Museum and Tam-Awan Village.

Bencab Museum


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