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Wednesday, July 18

After Booking a Flight, What’s the Next Step?

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Having a plane trip is so much fun, and to make it MORE FUN, Travex Travels presents some things you may consider after booking your flight.

In my last post (How to Book a Flight...), I presented a short list of things you need to know and do prior to booking a flight for your next island adventure. As much as possible, I want to travel the cheapest way I could, and for the win I want to share to you some things you may want to consider for your next travel. Here are some things I want to share that I guess will be helpful to you right after you booked your flight and right now you are waiting for your precious travel date.
A Prelude to a Land Plane Trip Away

Here are some things I did and realized when I did one of my trips:

THE ITINERARY. So you already booked your flight to Surigao City (because that’s the only place you can consider on that specific date and it’s on a promo). It’s best to prepare your itinerary. If you booked for like three days and two nights stay, then you have to pack your activities and places to visit within your travel period. You have to have an organized list of things to do and places to see. It doesn’t have to be a list where you have specified duration to a certain activity as most of the times this isn’t followed properly. Nonetheless, you can scrap it if you want to do some off the beaten paths (and be lost literally). But if you are a neophyte, then having an organized itinerary will be so much helpful to you.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3
SAVE YOUR MONEY. If you are wealthy enough to spend big bucks for your travel, then it’s up to you if you still need to some kinda save for it. But if you are like one of us who happen to budget every single peso when we travel, then you better save money while you wait for your next travel adventure. Saving P30 per day can give you as much as P900 per month or P5,400 in six months. If your travel date is six months from now, an additional P5,400 to your pocket money is not bad at all. P5,400 can already feed you for three days and two nights, from authentic local dishes to distinct city flavors. With it, you can also buy more pasalubong and souvenirs.

NAIA Terminal 3
PACK YOUR FOOD NOW. It may seem to be awkward but preparing your snacks as early as six months before your travel period can cut your expenses unknowingly. I did this on my first plane trip. I bought, little by little, snacks that I bought on my trip. Of course I did not buy food that will be expired in less than six months. What I stored were chips, cookies, crackers and drinks—all with expiry dates after my travel period. After six months of doing that, I stored a bunch of snacks that can fill my hunger for three days. When my travel was already near, I did not worry of spending again for my snacks and thus I saved an amount of money that I used in buying pasalubong rather than buying snacks in the island I visited. Besides snacks sold in the airport and inside the plane were VERY expensive.

THE TERMINAL FEE. Do not complain about this when you are at the airport, there really is a terminal fee of P200 per passenger. Oh well I hope the government slashes out this terminal fee, but anyway, if you happen to book a flight to your destination, then set aside a minimum amount of P400 (back and forth). I almost forgot about this when I had my trip luckily I still had enough amount that can bring me back home (and I do not know what to do if I can’t!). Make sure that if you are already going back home, you must at least have P200 for the terminal fee.

Sea of clouds above Luzon island.
THE STUDENT ID. If you are still a student, then you have to bring your identification cards. This will give you discounts when you travel by bus (and you save P100 for every P500 fare). Other than that, any authentic ID will do so you can present something at the airport.

THE AIRPORT TAXI. Airport taxis are the yellow ones, and they are more expensive than the white ones. Anyway, the flag down rate was P70 and additional P4 I guess for every 300 meters you cover. If the driver asked you if you want it “fixed” or “metered” tell him it should be metered. Usually, taxi drivers bill higher fare rate when it’s fixed so go for the metered one. Besides it should really be metered (except when you ride the taxi where the rates are fixed).

So there, I just presented a short list of things you may consider while you wait for your travel adventure. Hope it helps you great, traveler!

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