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Sunday, July 15

How to Book a Flight and Prepare for a Plane Trip 101

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Book a flight and prepare for your next travel adventure. (Airphil Express plane in photo) 

Last year, it was my dream of getting out of Luzon, probably somewhere else that is a ferry or a plane ride away or a town located outside of the mainland. It happened just last April 2012 and somehow it was successful and fun. Never did I know before about other Philippine culture and way of life, particularly the food, and I must say you have to travel all the other 7000 islands of the Philippines to see the difference in culture and travel experiences. And before you can actually do it, I want to share to you simple tips and things to remember if you want to book a flight to the Philippines and prepare for a plane trip for your next travel adventure.

A Prelude to a Land Plane Trip Away

If you are like one of us before who happen to be a newbie in travel thing like this, this guide is especially written and posted for you. Here is a list of things and tips prior to booking a flight and preparing for your next travel experience which happens to be an airplane ride away from home.

THE PLAN. Plan ahead of time. Believe it or not, plan your trip the earliest as possible, like 6 months from now. This will eventually cut your cost since promo tickets are sold the cheapest if the travel dates given were like a year from now or six months from now. Besides you have to know who your travel buddies are and make sure you have their flexible dates so you can plan a stiffer date of your future trip. Earlier booking also means you will have more time to save money for your travel.

THE TRAVEL DESTINATION. You might as well want to decide the place you want to visit. Weigh things like accessibility, activities to do and others. If you have kids with you, then you might not want to consider hiking in your activity and therefore going to places like Mt. Kanlaon is not recommended for you. If you and your friends already finalized the travel destinations you may want to consider for your next trip, list it down on a paper.

Experience seas of clouds when you ride a plane. :):):)

THE PROMO. This is the most anticipating part. You have to check every now and then online promos of airline companies like Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express. Since you already listed down the possible places you will visit and you already had your friends’ flexible dates for travel, it’s now time to check if those destinations are on a plane promo. If you happen to write down Coron in your list, then check if the flight fare to Coron was discounted. If it was, then choose the best date out of the available dates (which are covered by their promo). If possible, book for a roundtrip ticket. It’s cheaper to book for a roundtrip ticket rather than just one route.

Check online promo fares like this one.

THE BOOKING. If you already finalized your travel date and destination to visit, you can book your flight online. Airphil Express has its online booking and mode of payment is through credit card. Cebu Pacific on the other hand has more payment options like over-the-counter bank payment in BDO, BPI and other listed banks. If you don’t have a credit and you don’t want to do online booking, then look for authorized ticketing agencies in your city. In Baguio, the Baguio Travel Company books Airphil flights. Their office is located in Patria de Baguio building.

THE E-TICKET. After you booked your flight, you will be presented a printed e-ticket. Keep this as it will be needed when you are already at the NAIA Terminal 3 (or other Philippine airports in the country). You will need to present your e-ticket to get your boarding pass. In case you lost it, you can contact the ticketing agency who issued you e-ticket or contact the airline company on how get another copy of it.
Airphil e-ticket that you needed to keep for a few weeks or months.

THE LONG WAIT (OR IS IT?) After you booked your flight, don’t get too much excitement. Your travel date is still far. There are still other things you may want to do like concentrate in your work or studies. Or discover some new things and talents in you. Oh well, I just want to tell you that the time before your travel date must not be spent just waiting and staring at the sky until the day you will travel. Go ahead and save money so you will have more to spend for pasalubong and souvenirs. Just let the time pass and you will realize sooner that six months is a very short period (I swear!).

Boarding passes given at the NAIA Terminal 3 once you showed your e-tickets.
So there, I just presented a short list of reminders prior to booking a flight. With regards to planning your trip (that’s the time after you booked your flight until you got inside the plane and landed on a different island), I will be posting it afterwards. It’s the best to be prepared for a trip plane-ride away so you will enjoy the bits of moment just when you arrived at your travel destination and start a wonderful experience. Go ahead and book your flight to the Philippine islands and enjoy your plane trip!

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