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Friday, August 10

Casa Gorordo Museum | Cebu City

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Another abode in the past, Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu is a part of the heritage tour.

The Casa Gorordo Museum is another old house located along Lopez Jaena Street, right turn from Yap-Sandiego ancestral house and a few meters from it. The ancestral house was built sometime in the middle of 1800s by Alejandro Reynes y Rosales, which then bought in 1863 by a Spanish merchant under the name of Juan Isidro de Gorordo, hence the name. Casa Gorordo Museum is part of a rich heritage tour, following after the Colon Obelisk, Heritage of Cebu Monument and the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in the Parian District of Cebu City.

Arch to Casa Gorordo Museum

Casa Gorordo, Cebu City

Part 5 of Cebu Heritage Tour (A Beginner’s Guide to Cebu)

It was said to be that four generations of the Gorordo family lived in the house, including the first Filipino bishop of Cebu that is Juan Gorordo, from 1910-1932. After several years, it was in 1980 when Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc acquired the old house. It was restored thereafter and eventually turned into a public museum. Since then, Casa Gorordo Museum has been declared as a national historical landmark by virtue of National Historical Institute Board Resolution No. 4, dated September 24, 1991.

Inside the house was a tour of different paintings, relics, antiques, items and furniture dating years back. It isn’t allowed to take pictures inside though. But the outside or the front yard of the museum is already somehow a good photo subject (for jumps shots). I find the house interesting, the architecture and art incorporated in it was great.

Front yard of Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu City, Philippines
Inside Casa Gorordo
Painting inside Casa Gorordo, Cebu
 If I were to plan a tourism zone in Cebu, I’d redesign it from Colon Street up to the street where Casa Gorordo Museum is located. It would be a length of heritage tour and calesa rides. All the side paths will be overlaid with old style bricks, including laying out shingles on the main road. It would be blue printed the way CalleCrisologo in Vigan was done. I’m not really a fan of CalleCrisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur but my point here is that this part in Cebu has a huge capability of becoming its mainstream tourist attraction zone, other than the Magellan’s Cross itself. Tourists not only go to a place for its wide white sand beaches or its majestic caves, they also want a brief history of what the placed used to be before. I hope the government of Cebu reconsiders the revamp of this particular district.

Anyway, the museum is open daily except Monday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Entrance fees range from P15 (students) to P70 (foreign tourists). Contact number at +63)(32)418-7234 loc 532.

Casa Gorordo Museum is located along Lopez Jaena Street in Cebu City

Water well in front of Casa Gorordo

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