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Monday, August 20

How to Go to Cebu Attractions: Colon Street to Casa Gorordo

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A Cebu map with different Cebu tourist spots on it.

How to go to Cebu tourist spots like Heritage of Cebu Monument, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House and Casa Gorordo from SM City Cebu/Sugbutel/Radisson Hotel:

1. Reach either SM City Cebu or Sugbutel (a hostel) in Cebu City. Read “How to Go to Cebu City” for valuable tips on going to Cebu City from Manila.

*Sugbutel is a hotel near SM in Cebu. It’s a few blocks away so if you have the courage to walk, go walk the way.
Presenting a bigger view of Cebu map with tourist destinations.
2. Head to Osmeña Boulevard (road where Sugbutel is also located). Ride a jeepney bound to Colon (either codes 12G or 12I, there are other jeepneys I think but these were the only two codes we’ve tried so far). Fare around P8. You can tell the kundoktor to drop you off at McDo Colon Branch, or just anywhere along the road. You can start your walk tour from there until you reach the northern tip of the street where the Colon Obelisk is located.

Colon Street map to Colon Obelisk
*From Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia, you can walk your way to Cebu Cathedral then walk a few more blocks to Colon Obelisk Marker.

3. From Colon Obelisk Marker, the Heritage of Cebu Monument is just a few more steps from it (literally). A few more ones will take you to the door of the Yap-San Diego Ancestral House.

Colon Obelisk-Cebu Heritage Monument-Yap-Sandiego walk tour map.
4. From Yap-San Diego Ancestral House, go right to L. Jaena Street, you will see a store somewhere at the corner. Just walk a little more until you see the gate with design bearing the name “Casa Gorordo”.

On going to Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu City, it is a walking distance from Cebu Heritage Monument.
**The four Cebu tourist attractions are walking distance from one another. There is no need for van rental to tour you on these tourist spots. You can save hundreds of pesos if you tour these Cebu landmarks by yourself. Cebu City is easy to tour because the different tourist spots are pretty close from each other. In case you don’t want any hassle in traveling to these historical landmarks of Cebu, you can hire van or taxi. Touring Cebu City on a cab is recommended for travelers who have kids with them.

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