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Trekking. Hiking. Spelunking. Food. That's Sagada.


Life is a wind. Get that in Ilocos Region.


If you think golden sand beaches are the only tourist spots, think again. Bolinao is falls too.


If you just want to see a sky-mountain-lake landscape, then head to Bokod, Benguet.


In this simple town of Dasol, Pangasinan lies an unspoiled island paradise sprinkled with white sands and a total half of mysteriously formed rock formations.


The Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan is one of the many tourist attractions in Luzon Island. Give yourself a summer treat; enjoy island hopping, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling.

Friday, November 30

Taoist Temple in Cebu | Photos

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Taoist Temple in Cebu, Philippines
Here are other photos of Cebu Taoist Temple in Lahug:

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Cebu Taoist Temple in Lahug

The dragon inside the Cebu Taoist Temple. (Beverly Hills subdivision, Lahug, Cebu)

Cebu Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills, Lahug is a worship place for devotees who follow the teachings of Lao Zi, a Chinese philosopher. The temple was constructed by Chinese groups sometime in the 70’s, at an elevation of approximately 300 meters with a blueprint of the stairs copying the architecture of The Great Wall of China. During Wednesdays and Sundays, worshippers climb the 81 steps of the Taoist Temple, which represent the 81 chapters of the Taoism scriptures. As the Cebu Taoist Temple is a bit far from the other touristy places like Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica del Sto. Nino, I suggest it to be part of a side trip. Yet it’s one of the best beautiful temples I visited in the country so far.

Tuesday, November 20

How to Go to Camotes Island (with Maps)

Camotes Island map

Camotes Island is an island of different tourist destinations like LakeDanao Park, Timubo Cave and Santiago White Beach. To go to this island, you have to ride a ferry from the Danao port.

Tuesday, November 13

Timubo Cave and Santiago White Sand Beach in Camotes

The powdery white sand beach of Santiago in Camotes Island.

Timubo Cave is an underground cave featuring gigantic stalactites and stalagmites with an end destination of a crystal clear water pool. On the other hand, Santiago White Sand Beach (or Santiago White Beach) in Camotes is a public beach with cream colored sand shore. Both tourist attractions are a must see when one visits Camotes. Aside from Lake Danao Park where you can enjoy kayaking, Camotes is also a cool place to swim underground pools and play beach volleyball.

Wednesday, November 7

Lake Danao Park: Kayaking in Camotes

Kayaking in Camotes is the best part of Lake Danao.

Lake Danao Park is one of the gateway parks in Camotes to seeing the biggest lake in the island which is Lake Danao. In this park you will feel the ambiance of a nature within the range of a water body bordered with tree-covered hills and mountains. It is a place where lost people can go to find inner peace and resurrect their souls. In Lake Danao you can go kayaking in Camotes, ride a “sakanaw” or just do your best jump shot with a picturesque backdrop. When you go to Camotes in Cebu province, don’t forget to see and enjoy what Lake Danao Park offers.

Monday, November 5

Camotes Islands: Nature and More

Consuelo Pier in Pacijan Island of Camotes Islands

Camotes Islands are a group of islands full of mysteries. I felt it when I was there, from the time I landed on the pier of Consuelo in Camotes Island (it’s Pacijan Island and Poro but they were already interconnected and looks like just one island so I call it Camotes Island, the island with shape like the number 8), the simplicity and serenity of the island welcomes you. The island itself is a land of forests and farm, and by the time we went to ride a motorcycle and tour around the island, I saw a lot of mangrove trees. Nature is Camotes indeed.

Friday, November 2

Ferry from Cebu to Camotes

Jomalia shipping ferry passengers during our trip to Camotes Island

One needs to ride a slow ferry (not a fast craft) to Camotes from Cebu. The ferry ride was approximately two hours but if there is only a bridge that connects mainland Cebu to Camotes Island then it would not even take you an hour to reach the island. And for two hours I spent time seeing seas and sniffing the salty air blowing through the sea craft.

Thursday, November 1

Camotes Island Tours (Tips and Guide)

Clear turqouise waters will welcome you upon getting nearer to the Camotes Island in Central Philippines. (Consuelo wharf, Pacijan Island of Camotes Islands)

Camotes Islands (or Camotes Group of Islands) are islands located somewhere in the middle of bigger islands of Cebu, Bohol and Leyte. Camotes is composed of four different islands namely Poro, Pacijan, Tudela and Tulang. The different municipalities are Poro, Tudela, San Francisco (the town center) and Pilar. Only the town of Pilar in Ponson Island needs another ferry ride once you get to Consuelo port from the wharf in Danao City. Now Camotes Islands slowly emerge as another tourist hub in Central Philippines because of its simple beauty and amazing nature wonders like Lake Danao Park, Timubo Cave and their white sand beaches. Plus a community of friendly people.