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Thursday, January 24

Let’s Rock with The Jeemo: The Party Jeep

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The Jeemo: Party Jeep in Baguio

The jeep or the jeepney is the most common means of transportation in the Philippines. It is patterned from the US Army vehicle used in the Second World War and as the decades go over, the jeep was used as mode to transport people from one place to another. Passengers used to say “para” when they are already near their destinations. But I guess if you are the party-ish creature who always loves to sing videoke, dance with flickering colorful lights and be wild all the night, you will never say “para” when you are inside The Jeemo: The Party Jeep.

Let’s Party Party in the Jeep!

[This sponsored post contains theme and photos not suitable for readers who are aged 17 years and below. This article merely suggests party life, materials like hard drinks and dancing all the night.]

We were invited to try the latest in town—the party jeep. It’s a jeep outside and a limousine inside—and the rest are lively souls waiting for their turn to sing, dance and drink all the way to their preferred destination. The Jeemo indeed is one of a kind—it’s the only party vehicle in Baguio as of now.

Though the inside looks pretty small, believe it or not, The Jeemo can accommodate as many as 12 people. The jeep is fully equipped with sound system from its videoke, a fridge used to store beers, drawers which contain the food, wi-fi, and all the lights that used to glow inside the night bars. If you are looking for something wilder than the nights of bar hopping—then you can level up your party life by hiring The Jeemo in your event or special night.

The Jeemo is a unique way to celebrate one's event
The Jeemo is equipped with a videoke system

There's wi-fi too!
The Jeemo brought us to the different places in Baguio—Camp John Hay and downtown to name a few. It was a good experience anyway as it deviates to the usual bar drinking and dancing. Though the jeep was furnished with tinted glass, I think you are pretty obvious from outside at night—but who cares, as long as the fun goes on we do not care!

Though we did not go all the night to try The Jeemo, I find it a unique way to celebrate a special day. Like a pre-event wedding maybe? Or a barkada reunion? You know, it’s the experience that counts. Partying inside the jeep like you never heard it before.

The food inside the jeep-limousine The Jeemo.

We ended our tour in Baguio City Hall. It’s a bit short but it’s already enough to write a review of their business. The time we were toured by The Jeemo it was the coldest day in January 2013 dropping the cold Baguio to 9.5˚C and I feel comfortable inside the jeep because it’s warm. Overall I can rate the amenity and features to 9/10 (oh it’s just missing some pieces that they have to improve like open the top window and put some curtains because we want it really private haha). But I love their wi-fi connection, it’s fast.

The Jeemo: Party Jeep is a jeep that tourists can rent for a road trip party in Baguio. It can bring you to your preferred tourist spots in the city. For inquiries, pricing and reservation you can hit their Facebook page, Twitter or official The Jeemo website. You can also reach them via phone @ 09063923348 (Globe), 09324067939 (Sun), 09202726548 (Smart). Rock with The Jeemo: the Party Jeep!

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