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Wednesday, March 20

A Quick Stop at Sagada’s Persimon Café (Vincent’s Coffee Shop)

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Persimmon Cafe in Sagada (also known as Vincent Coffee Shop and Grill)

I forgot to tell you that fortunately, we again met the two backpackers who joined us on our trek to the Lumiang Burial Caves. This time, they just had their breakfast at Yoghurt House in Sagada. We had again some conversations and we decided to go for a tour to Underground River then another trek to the small falls, the Bokong Falls. We were supposed to join them in their Echo Valley Tour but we decided to head to Persimmon Café and buy some lemon pie as baon to our tiresome trek to said tourist destinations.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

The two backpackers already went to SAGGAS to hire guide for their tour. We recommended them to do so, though we know tourists can actually tour Echo Valley without guide but for first timers who had never heard any stories about Sagada, then a local guide will be able to disperse these stories. One thing for sure, they have to go to the stone church, then the cemetery of Sagada, then to Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins. Bu their tour would be much longer because there is a route that will lead them to the Underground River. We will not take this path; instead, we are going to wait for them in front of the Rock Inn and Café which is several minutes from Yoghurt House.
Inside the Persimmon Cafe in Sagada

Persimon Café is near the Yoghurt House. We went their not to drink teas or coffees, but to buy some lemon pie for our trek. I don’t think we will be having lunch for this particular trip so we decided to buy it as baon.

Persimon Café is otherwise known as the Vincent’s Coffee Shop and Grill. Do not mistakenly think that these two shops are different, because they are one. I asked the owner why is it that they bear two names, she said it’s because they want to change their name but they were worried that it might not sound well and thus they have to keep their previous name. But if I were to be asked, I suggest taking the Persimmon Café. It’s simpler and more recognizable than Vincent’s Coffee Shop and Grill which is too long.

Persimmon Cafe or Vincent Coffee Shop and Grill

Persimmon Café is a small café. It’s as big or small as the Sagada Pine Café which is beside the Kimchi Restaurant. By the way to those who are not familiar with trees growing in a colder climate, persimmon is a temperate fruit likened to a tomato. The color of the fruit when ripe is orange yellow, and when you slice it, the texture of the fruit is likened to an apple. It’s white inside and it’s like an apple with a taste of the tropical fruit star apple, or kaimito. Persimmon has that wonderful taste of star apple, but it’s not jelly like it haha.

We bought some slices of lemon pie at P30. Surprisingly, they are more expensive than the Lemon Pie House at P25 per slice. We took them for lunch in Bokong Falls.

Lemon pie of Persimmon Cafe
 Though it also tastes like lemon, I still prefer the ones sold at the Lemon Pie House. You can taste the difference when you try them both. Maybe it’s not Persimon Café’s best food so next time I’ll try their coffee or grilled food because it bears the name of its coffee shop and grill. However, it was still enough for us to fill in our stomachs. It’s just that the lemon pie at Lemon Pie House is more likeable than the ones sold at Persimmon Café.

My Sagadan friend actually know the owner of Persimmon Café, and we just had a short conversation after which we decided to reach the Rock Inn Valley and wait for the two backpackers to finish their Underground River and Echo Valley tour.

Freedom art inside the Persimmon Cafe

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  1. Vincent cafe makes nice gay food...yum yum


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