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Tuesday, March 19

Fruity Restaurant Breakfast at Yoghurt House, Sagada

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Yoghurt House is one of the popular restaurants in Sagada. Their specialty is no other than yoghurt.

When my friend arrived, I told him we go to a popular restaurant and eat breakfast. There are many choices, Yoghurt House, Lemon Pie House, Dalikan, Pinikpikan House and Persimmon Café. But we chose Yoghurt House because I’ve heard from other people who already went to Sagada that their homemade yoghurt were just the best in town. Yes it was.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Oh so yummy Hiker's Delight (Yoghurt House)
Yoghurt House is about 15 minutes away from Misty Inn, by foot. But it was all worth it because the restaurant has a good ambiance. We chose to eat on the upper floor where there is an available veranda overlooking the town. Nonetheless, it was their yoghurt that made this little house popular, thus the Yoghurt House.

I asked the local waiter what is their best seller, and he told me it was “Hiker’s Delight”. Sounds interesting. I cannot remember already if I was drooling that time. Hehe. My friend ordered “Beef Meal”. Hiker’s Delight incorporated on a plate their popular yoghurt dish with a bread toast and an egg as side dish. Beef Meal on the other hand was a tapa with two fried eggs and the mountain rice (red rice).

Woody, woody ambiance inside the Yoghurt House of Sagada.

Trees outside the veranda.

The moment I tasted their yoghurt, I never thought it was just that mouthwatering. How I wonder before why tourists hunger for yoghurt when they go to Sagada. It was a signature. But yoghurt is not the only food you have to taste when you visit Sagada, you can also try their lemon pies, orange pies, their popular mountain rice and pinikpikan plus etag. I will have to explain later how they all taste because I was lucky to eat those foods when I was in Sagada. =D

Beef Meal served in Yoghurt House

Sunny sideup, a bread toast and the popular fruity yoghurt--all in Yoghurt House.

The yoghurt in Yoghurt House is just delicious. I also happen to taste the beef of my friend’s order and it was good. The overall experience was delightful. I love the yoghurt. But with all these great expectations come the undeniably hurting part—the price. The food in Yoghurt House is just so Starbucks. I mean look at that, yoghurt plus an egg plus a bread toast equals tentenenen! P160 (~US$4.00)! And not only that, if you want single orders like the yoghurt it will cost you P130. A coffee can cost you P100. Just an ampf. It was a great experience anyway. Just don’t think too much of the price if you are a budget traveler. Besides, food in Sagada is pretty expensive I remember when we ate in a cafeteria where they serve budget meals, and oh, did I say “budget” meal? Their budget meal costs P90….and if you compare that to Baguio or even Manila, the budget meal will only cost around P35. Ah see the difference.

I ordered lemongrass tea for my drinks. Well it tastes like lemongrass anyway. Haha. But the authentic tea in Sagada was the mountain tea but I did not order it because my Sagadan friend told me that there could be some teas in their own home
Lemongrass tea

Nonetheless, it is still a recommended for first timers in Sagada to try their authentic food. Yep, yoghurt is just that homemade in Sagada. Don’t leave Sagada without tasting their delicacies. Anyway here are the pictures of their menu so you will have the idea on how to budget food for your trip:

Well I understand why their food is pricey. Maybe it’s because Sagada is an exclusive mountain village very far from the capital of Manila (around 11 hours) and the price of commodity already hiked. Yoghurt House in Sagada is just one of the many restaurants in Sagada where you can try eat their authentic dishes. But for budget travelers, I suggest you set aside a good amount of bucks dedicated for food surfing and café because Sagada is also best experienced with the food and the drinks. ;)

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