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Monday, March 18

Of Misty Morning, Mountain Dew and Sagada Flowers

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Tomato fruits in Sagada, Mountain Province. Others though are flowers in Sagada.

My dinner was over and we have to walk about 20 minutes from their house to Misty Inn. Misty Inn is very far from the town hall but it’s nearer to the orange farms in Sagada. And for that we have to walk through the dark roads in this town. I just hope the government will have to provide more lights in Sagada and I hope the roads will be paved too.

Mountain dew over some leaves.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Honestly, I had a nightmare when I slept in one of the rooms alone. But Misty Inn is a good place to stay especially when you have your own car. If you will commute to Sagada then prepare for hours of walking around the town. Misty Inn (or Misty Lodge) is a recommended place for a group.

My first night cost P250 and the room is spacious for a single person. And that’s the nightmare, I was alone in the room, it was on the ground floor, the curtains were white and the windows were open. And it was a cold night. I was paranoid that I dreamt of something stranger to me. Ghosts indeed. It’s not because I was afraid of being alone or afraid of the dark, but it was the fact that the corner room windows were all open and I did not notice it. Oh my, it was scary, imagine a rectangular room where two of the sides were window walls. It’s like there were people watching me over the night. Goose bumps. Sagada is a very quiet town.

Orchid, the only Sagada flower I can name haha

So how do I call these, mini sunflowers?
But the misty morning greeted me and it was delightful. Misty Inn is a beautiful lodge. It has woody architecture and it has a fireplace for people who want to experience this kind of thing. I just didn't notice though if they also offer wifi. They also serve food so if you cannot wait to eat anymore, you can request for a breakfast. As I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I took time to take photos of the nature, particularly Sagada flowers and mountain dews over some leaves. They were all lovely. This particular simple town in the Mountain Province is a must place to visit.
Sagada flower

My father is a gardener and he knows almost everything about his plants in our town. But me, nyah, I cannot remember the names of the plants. But one thing for sure, I saw an orchid. Haha. All the rest were just Sagada flowers, whatsoever names they were called.
Rose leaves

Let's do the dew
Nature in Sagada

This was my first time to actually know a little about macro-shooting. Yeah whatever but it was pleasant to see up-close shots of nature. How I wonder these small flowers when captured appear to be gigantic in photos. And that’s the secret, macro shots. I still have plenty of batteries so I took time to take tens of photos. Sagada flowers were much more like those found in Baguio. The difference, flowers compliment the city of Baguio, flowers compliment the nature in Sagada. Get that? If you are longing to feel cool winds and you want nature, then head to Sagada. But if you want cool winds while roaming around a city, then Baguio is more preferable than Sagada.

When my friend finally arrived, we left the inn and headed for our sumptuous breakfast. Hmmm, anything like home-made yogurt and bread toasts?

Poinsettia leaves

Bee over the Sagada flower

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