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Tuesday, April 30

Contours of Life

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Contours of life. Photo of mountains in Pangasinan. Courtesy of TRAVEXTRAVELS.COM
I remember the days when I have to draw maps out of different elevations, connect those which have the same data, and draw the contour of a particular location. That’s contour mapping, a way part of the studies offered within surveying (or plotting of land or water bodies). How I imagine if we can also do this in our lives, scrutinize those different events, match the linking similar assets and draw the entirety of your desired future. But that’s easier said than done.

A Prelude to Another Weekend Trip

One movie under the title “Brothers Bloom” said that “there is no such thing as an unwritten life”. We make our lives, we DRAW our lives. We do not depend on God and let Him make our future. The future of us is on our hands. Whatever is contained in our “Lifebook” (not Facebook), we make it. It’s like a long story after all, we as the protagonists and name it, whoever your antagonists (or those who always obstruct on your way to success) are. Then we choose how to end it—tragedy or happiness? But forget about the end, let’s think about how the story flows first then it will go smoothly afterwards.

Like others who also want to explore the world, I want my own Lifebook fulfilled with several travel stories—around the world and beyond time. It’s not just about taking photos then posting it on Facebook, it’s also about realizing how diverse our world is. It’s just that big you cannot contain everything in one story. But to map out a whole of it, you have to know the contours of the different life events get the single idea and mark a chapter for it.

The photo in this article marks another “life” event again on this blog called Travex Travels. I just ended my 30-post-length Sagada story and I was happy to know that I did it. If you are still reluctant on the idea of travelling around the Philippines, why not try read my travel stories, especially those times when I was still starting to discover the beauty of this country. Travelling in the Philippines is a series, a long, long series of myriad trips and a bountiful of unforgettable memories.

This is a prelude to Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls.

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