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Sunday, April 28

Three-Day Sagada Itinerary & List of Expenses

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Some of the tourist destinations in Sagada ideal for a three-day tour itinerary.
Three days in Sagada may not be enough, but it is already good for a trip packed with lighter activities. Our very own itinerary for a suggested Sagada tour was not like the other lists because our trip was more of nature, food and culture appreciation. We were not limited to a time frame, and even though we did not do the Cave Connection and visited the other tourist spots like Bomod-ok and Pongas Falls, this one might still work for you.

DIY Itinerary in Sagada

Please be noted that the expenses vary depending on how many are you in the group. In my case, I was just the one who went there, accompanied by a Sagadan friend, and some or (most) of my tours there was entirely free. You have to be noted that if you hire a tourist guide, you will have to pay him for a chosen tour. If you will not travel to Sagada on Novemer 1 or 2, then you can distribute other activities in the itinerary as possible alternative to the Panag-apoy or Sagada’s celebration of All Saints Day.

Here is our Sagada itinerary, three-days and three nights:


Tuesday Morning Baguio to Sagada

5:00 - 6:30
First trip @ 5 AM (to buy tickets) but bus leaves 6:30 AM

Bus fare (student)
First bus stop 2 hours after

Breakfast at bus stop

Carrot Juice
Arrival in Sagada, drop off at Misty Inn

Misty Inn (1 night accomodation)

Day 1 Sagada Afternoon

Light snacks

Misty Inn is 15 minutes away from downtown Sagada

Along the way to downtown:

Sagada Weaving, Limestone Rocks, Hospital, Church

Start of ECHO TOUR

To Downtown

Sagada Rock Formations

Uwi nakikain for Canao of Sagadan friend (dinner)

Day 2 Sagada

Check out Misty Inn

Breakfast @ Yoghurt House (H. Delight, Lemongrass Tea)

Check in @ Yellow Inn House (2 nights)

Buy Lemon Pie @ Persimon Cafe


Snacks (going to Rock Formations)
Kapay-aw Rice Terraces + Sumaguing Cave (Big Cave) 30 minutes from downtown

Sumaguing Cave guide fee* 2 hours caving

Dinner @ PM2D's Eatery grilled pork

Red horse inside Sagada Pine Cafe

Day 3 Sagada

Kiltepan Peak (no sunrise)
Kiltepan Peak + Kiltepan Rice Terraces, watched people dance

Breakfast @ Dalikan Restaurant 2 (inside centrum)

Lakad sa Old Village (Dap-ay,etag,weaving)

Lunch @ Lemon Pie House (2 lemon pie + lemonade)


Souvenir t-shirt


lizard keychain

dinner at friend’s house (pinikpikan with etag)

Coverage of All Saints Day

Interview and more

Day 4 Uwian

First trip @ 5 AM leaves 5 AM (regular)



*This itinerary already includes breakfast/lunch/dinner at Yoghurt House, Persimon Café, Lemon Pie House, Dalikan Restaurant and Sagada Pine Café. It also includes pasalubong like souvenir t-shirt, key chain and necklace. It also includes estimated entrance fees.

**My food or snacks is for an average guy. If you are on a diet, you can wave some of it or eat more if you want to do more of Sagada food trip. Be noted that some of my food trip here is of no charge (nakikain lang =] ). Thanks to Christian. You also have to know that my tourist guide was my friend, so if you plan to go there and hire a tourist guide, you have to pay as much as P500-P600 for a particular tour maximum of 5 people in a group (which is like P100 per head).

***Breakfast and other snacks on the way included.

^if you are coming from Manila, then you have to add your roundtrip bus fare for Manila-Baguio route which is P300+ or P400+ for students or non-students.

^^Make sure to catch the schedule of buses bound for Sagada from Baguio. Be noted that it takes 6 hours to reach Sagada from Baguio. Organize your itinerary the most doable as possible.

For two days and two nights Sagada trip only:
I suggest:

Doing the Echo Valley tour, Underground River, Bokong Falls in the afternoon then Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave a day after. Fill in the gaps with food trip and souvenir shopping.

^^^You can change my destinations to other tourist spots like Bomod-ok Falls or Marlborough County but make sure to manage your time.

NOTE: I went for the first bus from Baguio to Sagada at 5 AM. You can still extend for the fourth day but until 12 PM only because the last trip leaves Sagada at 1 PM.

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  1. Hi!
    I'm from Davao and just curious if it's possible to enjoy Sagada in 1 day? I only have 3 free days. I could take the last flight before Day 1 and take the earliest bus to Baguio. Do you think it's possible?

    1. I don't think it's possible. From Manila, it will already take you around 11-12 hours to reach Sagada via Baguio. Besides, Sagada is different from Baguio although they have the same temperate climate. You can tour Baguio for 1 day but you cannot do it in Sagada. Sagada is pure NATURE ADVENTURE like trekking and spelunking.

      If you want, make it two days. Better yet, plan your next adventure up north and make sure to allot at least three days in Sagada. Sagada is such a very beautiful place and one day is not enough I swear. ;D

  2. Hi, im thinking of going there on the 24th, can you give me a contact number of your tourist guide friend? It will be my first time and i would like someone who's really familiar with the place and can take me places. You can email me the contact details patdleon001@gmail.com. thanks!

    1. I'm sorry but my friend only spends his time in Sagada during long vacations. He is actually working in Baguio.

      Anyway, if you are longing to visit Sagada, go ahead, there are several tourist guides in the different agencies there. Just go to the tourist information center and they will assist you. We actually had a separate guide when we went to Bokong Falls. :)

  3. Is it possible for us to just pitch tent at kiltepan peak?


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