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Sunday, July 23

Bury Your Bitter Past in the Lost Cemetery of Negativism, Baguio

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The Lost Cemetery of Negativism inside Camp John Hay, Baguio City
When you visit Baguio City, one of the usual spots is Camp John Hay. Surprisingly, many of us do not know that there is one becoming popular tourist attraction here which is kinda weird and unique at the same time since it is a cemetery, or a memorial park. But dead people are absent here, only the bitter past of everyone who dared to bury it in the Lost Cemetery of Negativism.

Part 3 of Kulitan with the Gang! John Hay Edition

The Lost Cemetery of Negativism is a cemetery where you will see mounds, lots and niche of negative auras and characters. Instead of dead people buried here, visitors are welcomed to “bury their bitterness” or just bad characters, mind settings and experiences manifesting in one’s soul. You basically do not need shovel here because some of the bad traits and ill possessions are already here, so you only need to virtually bury yours by just finding the right lot or niche and cry out your sentiment, take a photo souvenir and leave your bitterness. All of your negativism must be left out here in the Lost Cemetery of Negativism before you leave the park. Otherwise somebody will look upon you when you leave and bring you back there, and bury you alive. No just kidding. But better safe than sorry! When you visit the Lost Cemetery of Negativism, be sure to leave all your bad thoughts, otherwise those bad thoughts will haunt you!

Names of bad traits, thoughts and experiences are all written in the epitaph of the niche. The epitomic gravestone expresses Goalless Life  (Doanna Set A. Precedent), Self Pity and Self Blame or Unworthiness  (Kantdu Nuthin Wright), Just Let Other People Do and Time Pass By (Just Kant Shakit), Forgetfulness (Eye Forgot), Procrastination (Why Dident I), Selfishness and Not Participative (Knot A Teemplaer), Used (Wont B. Used) and Bad Boss (Boss Wont Lettuce). There are still more in there and it’s for you to figure out what the name says. Some of them it’s kinda hard to tell though.

We nearly got lost in looking for the Cemetery of Negativism. As the name itself tells, it is the Lost Cemetery. We almost never found the Lost Cemetery! Luckily we noticed one side of the park and saw the gravestone which tells that yeah, the park inside is actually a cemetery for those who want to bury their bitter past.

“Negativism is man’s greatest self-imposed infliction, his most limiting factor, his heaviest burden. No more, for here is buried the world’s negativism for all time. Those who rest here have died not in vain—but for you a stern reminder. As you leave this hill, remember that the rest of your life be more positive. Have a good day. Treat today like it is your last, though it’s the first of the rest!”

I like the literary writing written at the entrance of the Lost Cemetery of Negativism inside Camp John Hay, Baguio. It tells us to be more optimistic in life leave behind all the mistakes and ill feelings we had in our past life. Never you should resurrect the evil manifestations of one’s soul, instead, bury them all together, maybe not necessarily in this Cemetery of Negativism, but in the wide open air of the sky, where the echoes of your shout will forever be free, pulling away the demons in you to the darkness in between stars.

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