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Friday, May 24

Diplomat Hotel & 10 Commandments Tablet on the Heritage Hill of Baguio

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Fountain inside the Diplomat Hotel on Heritage Hill, Baguio City
Starting our tour in Lourdes Grotto will eventually lead us to the Heritage Hill of Baguio where Diplomat Hotel Ruins lies. This is also where the largest 10 commandments tablet was erected. After our strawberry taho snack along the way to the Diplomat Hotel, we headed to walk our way to the Heritage Hill and Prayer Mountain.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition

Inside Diplomat Hotel
My first visit on the Heritage Hill was in late 2011. That time, the 10 commandments tablet was still almost new, or new for us at least. It was erected to drive away evil spirits in the city. Particularly that the Diplomat Hotel Ruins was hiding something that a few people believe.

This time I was with fellow bloggers when we decided our trip to Baguio. Diplomat Hotel was indeed renovated—the time it was under renovation was sometime in May 2012 but I wasn’t able to confirm this until I had this trip in January 2013. Yes, a part of these ruins was renovated, and still some parts was under construction. The room leading to the comfort rooms was refurbished with new layers of bricks. It was like a new hotel on that part, with the window holes turned into sliding windows.
Overlooking view of Mt. Sto. Tomas and Cabuyao

The bloggers!

Diplomat Hotel facade

There were no balustrades along the staircase before, but prior to accidents, it was being added to the hotel ruins. Running around the area should be avoided. During our visit, we were not supposed to visit the top floor because it was closed, but since we were good enough to fill up excuses, we were able to see such (where the popular cross was). Besides, nothing can stop us because my friends came all the way from Cebu! They should be able to see it. Haha.

Cross on the roof top of the ruins

I remember the news where Diplomat Hotel is going to be featured in an indie horror film. That’s the movie version of Diplomat Hotel, but I am not sure if it will be shown this year. The guard that watches the area of the Heritage Hill also testified that indeed creepy things happen in the ruins. He told us that a woman’s apparition lives there. Whatever, don’t scare us manong haha.

There was a structure similar to a fort beside the ruins. I wasn’t able to confirm what that was for though. On the top floor was a 360-degree view of Baguio City, and most of the mountains here were already converted into residential places. The only good view of mountain and pine trees was the one at the side of Mount Sto. Tomas and Cabuyao.

After some good photo ops, we decided to leave the Heritage Hill (Diplomat and the Commandments Tablet) for lunch. We ate lunch near Burnham Park and continued our tour to Tam-Awan Village.

Ten Commandments Tablet
 Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition Travel Series:
Part 4: Diplomat Hotel & 10 Commandments Tablet on the Heritage Hill of Baguio

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