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Tuesday, July 18

Christmas Houses in Tagaytay City

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Magazine photo op in Tagaytay Crosswinds (Christmas houses)
The Christmas houses in Tagaytay are well decorated and according to visitors and Crosswinds staff, some of the houses are opened for public viewing during Christmas season. The Crosswinds complex alone is a beautiful piece of land development in Tagaytay City and these Christmas houses adorn it more.

Part 2 of A Day in Tagaytay

The concept of Christmas houses or houses well decorated with flamboyant decorations and some are even extravagant, is all over the Philippines. Everybody knows that, in fact, the Philippines starts the Christmas season as early as October, when people start to buy Christmas lights and Christmas trees as display inside their houses.

Tagaytay Crosswinds bus

We just took some more photo ops inside Crosswinds Tagaytay. Unfortunately, since it was not time for Christmas, the houses were all closed. But the façade of the houses are still good source of photos which can be uploaded over Facebook.
Pine trees

Christmas always brings back childhood days. It is the season made for kids and kids in us. I remember one time we went to the popular “Christmas Village” of Baguio, where during at night time in December, the village will be covered with a fake snow. White Christmas, it is. The joy and happiness of everyone inside the park were all overwhelming. Nothing really goes above the experience of happiness brought by this season.
Crosswinds from Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay

The pine trees in Tagaytay feel like they brought us to Baguio City. The architecture in Crosswinds is one of the best and if I’m only as rich as those people who can afford a piece of happiness in this real estate, I would have already reserved a house here.

We did not stay too long in the Christmas houses area since there are still some places to see in Tagaytay. After a little much tour in Crosswinds Tagaytay, we eventually left for our next destination, The Picnic Grove.

A Day in Tagaytay Mini Travel Series:

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