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Sunday, June 9

Bell Church: Baguio Version of the Temple

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Bell Church is Baguio's version of the temple.
For the past years, I have never been to the so called Bell Church. This year around, I got a chance to visit this tourist spot, I must say, the version of Baguio when it comes to temple. It’s not a doubt that Baguio is indeed also rich in Chinese culture, and many Chinese people were already living in this city. As a matter of fact, Baguio City also celebrates the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year ala Kung Hei Fat Chai.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition

Bell Church
So I can tell the world that another concept of war is already not suitable in this modern time around. Imagine if China will be engaging war with the Philippines, not only Filipinos will be suffering with this phenomenon (well we all know that China has more than a billion dollar budget for the military department), but also the Chinese people—particularly those who already live in the country. Filipino and Chinese cultures have already merged on some parts. Filipinos and Chinese have deep attachments, rooting as early as several centuries ago, and just because of China’s crave to grab the entirety of the sea in between several countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Malaysia and the Philippines, everything will be ruined. All I want to say is, war does not do any good. China is starting to own the sea…would it be possible for the United States to own the entire Pacific Ocean? Oh forgive the world! It’s insanity and pure EVIL! It’s like the 168 pine trees near SM—“cut the GREED, not the trees.”

Photo op!
Back to the temple, I find the Bell Church similar to the Taoist Temple in Cebu. Both temples were located up hill, the only difference is Bell Church has pine trees. So from the freshest of the strawberries in the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, we headed our way back to Baguio, but dropped off at the Bell Church. From Baguio, you can ride jeepneys bound to La Trinidad (or Buyagan), then tell the driver to drop you off to Bell Church, fare is KM 4 (around P8.50). If you are coming from the Strawberry Farm, just ride jeepney bound to Baguio City then drop off to Bell Church. It’s easy to find the Bell Church, your key marker is the arch that says “Welcome to La Trinidad”, and if you are facing that way, the Bell Church is on the right side. You must see the pagodas and dragons painted red and everything so temple in nature.
On the right side of this welcome arch is the Bell Church

There is no entrance fee to the temple, but since it’s a temple, you have to respect their culture and traditions. Taking pictures inside their buildings is strictly prohibited. But you are free to take snap shots outside of it. I cannot compare much of the two temples in Baguio and Cebu, but the totality of the temple will lead you to proclaim the Taoist Temple in Cebu is more beautiful. But just a little because I find the Bell Church and the one in Cebu almost similar.
Bell Church opens @ 7 AM and closes @ 5 PM

When we went there, the people were already practicing for the upcoming Spring Festival in February (we visited Bell Church on January 20, 2013). I am not even sure if Bell Church is in Baguio City or Benguet, because its location is somewhere midway between the two provinces.

The only sad fact when you get there was, just outside of the temple, it seems to be rowdy (or can I call that concrete structures of mess?). And the river before it is unclean. If that’s Balili River, shame on that, people living near it found their way to making the river into a living and fresh septic tank. The government shall take action on this matter.

I find my way to the top, or the highest of the towers inside Bell Church, took some pictures and went down with the other bloggers. It’s not easy to go up to the highest of the temples, and those who cannot go there can have themselves contented below it.

Climb the highest of them all.

We left Bell Church just before it closed at 5 PM. We rode a jeepney bound back to Baguio City, dropped off to Burnham Park and bade goodbyes to both Cille and Titus who found their paths from Cebu to Baguio. I really enjoyed it guys, and I hope to see you two again in other places of the country at some other time. Life is such a book of travel. I met these two cool guys to realize that indeed there is so much more to see in your own town. Maybe someday, I will be meeting them again, or I will be meeting people like them in another wonderful travel story. Who knows, I will be with you in my next travel. And that would be great!

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition Travel Series:
Part 7: Bell Church: Baguio Version of the Temple

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