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Monday, June 11

Baguio’s Diplomat Hotel Ruins

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The cross at the Diplomat Hotel ruins in Dominican Hill, Baguio City.

If you are looking for a Baguio hotel where you can stay safe for a night, sleep soundly and have pillow chat with your close friends, book your accommodation at Diplomat Hotel in Baguio. But that should have been long years ago. Because booking a night stay in Diplomat Hotel is already impossible. Staying a night at Diplomat Hotel is horrible. Sleeping inside the place is a tiresome adventure. And pillow chatting in this part of the Dominican Hill will never be with your close friends but ghost friends. Haunted walk tour at night at the Diplomat Hotel ruins, anyone?

A tree that has already grown inside Diplomat Hotel.
Diplomat Hotel ruins in Baguio.
Part 3 of Baguio Attractions (One More Time)

To clarify anything else, we did not do a haunted walk tour at night—but we did it in the afternoon. Well if you want to do it at night, you can, but it’s your responsibility if something happens in your group (or yourself only if you want to do it just alone). There are a lot of ghost stories circulating in this cold city of Baguio. I can tell one after this post. I never did try doing a walk tour at night in this haunted tourist attraction of Baguio, and I might never try it from now. Because the stories alone already convinced me not to try and dare myself a tour in Diplomat Hotel ruins at night.

I really do not know the whole story of this Baguio hotel turned to a haunted Baguio tourist attraction. All I know is that, before, around 90’s or 80’s, Diplomat Hotel was a live hotel; I mean the hotel was one of the many hotels in Baguio where you can spend your nights. What happened next was it was burnt into ashes and ruins. I do not know if there are casualties involved. After that, the hotel wasn’t renovated at all. Maybe the businessman behind it didn’t want to refurbish the place and was traumatized to what happened. And what I just said might just be a fiction because what I told was a mere synopsis of what answers you will expect from locals when you ask to them “What happened to the Diplomat Hotel before?”

After the incident, the Diplomat Hotel was never open to the public. Only people who can sneak or do the ninja moves can go inside the hotel, if they were lucky not to be seen by the guard. The secrecy though made the public to be interested more of the place and later on it was tagged as a Baguio attraction and was opened as a tourist destination. But the mystery of the place was never detached even if the place was already listed as one of the many tourist attractions of Baguio City.

After we walked the path to the Diplomat Hotel ruins (stared and took some photos of the world’s largest 10 Commandments Tablet just beside it), we eventually get inside the vicinity. When one goes there, he can feel the mystery flying in the airs of the hotel. The ruins have already grown old—and you can prove it when you see the plants, vines, shrubs and trees already living there. When you go there, you will see a fountain already covered with shrubs. You can imagine that the Diplomat Hotel was a luxury hotel, or a mid-class one.

At the top floor (or the roof top) of the building was a cross. I really do not get the point why there is a need to put up a cross in front of a hotel. That adds up to the secret mystery involved. The cross is a good photo subject for a creepy pictorial. The unfurnished cross was standing high, getting a backdrop of the skylight and the wide mountain views of Baguio.

Anyway, the hotel is a small one. You can actually tour the place in just a few minutes. Just a friendly tip, pray for your safety before you enter the vicinity. And do not ever dare yourself to act rowdy and crazy inside. Be respectful. You do not want to experience a horrible suspense that you will regret sooner, do you?

So there, if you want to stay a night in a Baguio hotel where there is comfortable ambiance, try to book it in Diplomat Hotel. Turn back in time and experience a luxurious party and homey feeling. But that was before. If you ever come across an online portal where it offers online reservation for a night stay in Diplomat Hotel ruins in Baguio, do not entertain it. Online reservation for Diplomat Hotel in Baguio at 90% discount on all rooms—anyone?

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The view when you are on top of the building.

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  1. I love the way you described these ruins. There was so much humor but laced with interesting facts and substance. Interesting cross...

    1. Wew. Thanks for the compliment. Try getting into this place, and yeah the cross was a creepy photo subject I swear. Haha. :)

  2. Hi! Great post! Thanks for the detailed blog posts regarding Baguio. I will be basing our next vacation's itinerary on your blog. :)

    Regarding the cross on top of the Diplomat Hotel, I think it was a seminary/rest house built by the Dominican Priests in the early 1900s. :)

    1. Yeah I guess so. I'm scared about stories of it, and it's such interesting that Diplomat Hotel once was full of its own history.

      BTW, thanks for the compliment! Just hit Travex Travels if you want some more info about Baguio since I'm based here. Hope it helps you great in your itinerary Gweny! :)

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