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Friday, June 8

World’s Largest 10 Commandments Tablet in Baguio

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Go to Dominican Hill in Baguio and stare at the world's largest 10 Commandments tablet.

Late last year (2011), Guinness World Records certified a building-sized edifice (152.90 square meters) carved with the Bible's Ten Commandments as the world’s largest 10 commandments tablet. This new tourist attraction in Baguio is located at the Dominican Hill, right beside the Diplomat Hotel ruins, where the rest of the horror stories were kept. The city government of Baguio told the news that the world’s largest Ten Commandments tablet cost around P5.5-million. Now, the Ten Commandments tablet serves as a symbol that drives away evil spirits. 

Part 2 of Baguio Attractions (One More Time)

After we wandered around the vicinity of the Lourdes Grotto, we walked our way into the road that leads to the Diplomat Hotel ruins. With the help of our GPS device, we managed to walk it the right way. Lourdes Grotto is about 10-20 minutes from Diplomat Hotel, depending on how fast your pacing is. Unknowingly, we already started our “haunted” walk tour, as we walk the four of us into a road that may lead us into a metacentric phenomenon we may never know unless we enter a suspiciously horrific realm. I am exaggerating of what one would expect when entering the vicinity of the Diplomat Hotel ruins, as there are so many terrifying stories circulating around the city of Baguio, urban legends of which most were told from years to years. As many people know, Baguio City is a place where books of ghost stories were written and horrible stories were untold.

Nevertheless, the Ten Commandments tablet, the largest of its own in the whole world was built. Eventually before you go visit this place, you will have to sign up on a log book provided by the guard beside the gate. Before, the place was entirely free and visitors and tourists can go here without spending money for an entrance fee. Now, tourists were already telling that indeed there was already an entrance fee, but I do not know how much since I haven’t’ confirmed it yet. When we went here with my friends, it was totally free. But I guess if it will have that entrance fee, it wouldn’t be too expensive, and the money collected might be used up for maintenance of the place.

So the story went and we did take some snap shots of the Ten Commandments tablet. Yes it was really big and huge, the last time I saw Ten Commandments tablet was somewhere beside churches, but it was just like 6 feet tall. But look, the Ten Commandments tablet of Baguio was as high as a three-storey building!

I like the idea that they put up this tablet just beside another tourist attraction which is the Diplomat Hotel. At least, travelers and tourists would save time (and money) as they will only have to visit only one place (Dominican Hill) but see two tourist spots at a time.

The world’s largest 10 Commandments Tablet somehow put the Philippines in the list of Guinness World Records. And I am proud that it’s located right here in Baguio. Would it drive away all the evil spirits lurking around the corners of the famed Diplomat Hotel ruins—where the rest of Baguio stories go untold?

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