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Friday, June 15

Camiling Church and Ruins

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Camiling Church inside. (Camiling, Tarlac)

Camiling Church or the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel is one of the historical landmarks of this north western town of Tarlac. The old church was built according to Spanish plans, where the church must be the center of the community, adjacent to other key structures of a town. It was built long decades ago, out of bricks and stones, and served as a worship place to Camileños who are devoted to Catholicism. Came 1997 and the old church was burnt down into ruins, a very tragic event in the history of the town.

Front of the new Camiling Church

There were plans to renovate the church but unfortunately those were not successful. However, another church was built just beside it and the old church now is a series of ruins where you can see trees on top of it, wildly growing like the past it has gone for years. Other than the Camiling Church, other old structures found in Camiling were the La Independencia Church, Camiling Secondary Institute building, Leonor Rivera’s ancestral house (Maria Clara Museum in Camiling) and others.

The ruins where the old church was there became a landmark. The old church was a big one. It was a typical church with a unique architecture. Sadly it wasn’t preserved because of the fire that happened sometime in 1997. Priests and official want to revive the old one, but they were not successful to make it happen. It was only in the late 2000’s that another church was built. Before the new Camiling Church was constructed, the church hall of Camiling Catholic School served as the place where masses were held.

Cross at the bell tower of the new Camiling Church

One of the many beautiful stained glasses used as decor inside the Camiling Church.

Camiling is an old town that keeps a book of historical facts unknown to many. In fact, Leonor Rivera, Rizal’s frustrated love lived in here (and her house was still standing up until now). People who already went to Leonor Rivera’s ancestral house tell that there were still some memorabilia of both Leonor and Jose when they were still in love with each other (well they were really in love before, if not only because of Leonor’s parents who objected on their relationship, Jose Rizal might not have written the story of Noli Me Tangere the way he told it).

Travelers who want to visit landmarks in Camiling can include them as side trip to a water adventure to among Alaminos, Bolinao or Dasol, since buses going to these places pass through the town of Camiling.

The ruins at the back of the new church.

This is one the of the creepiest sights I saw in Camiling.

Saint Michael the Archangel.

Camiling Church ruins

See those trees on top of the ruins?

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  1. the new church is nothing compared to the old historic church which is believed by many to have been burned to cover traces of treasure hunting by church and political officials.

  2. What's the reason why they are not successfully renovate the old church? Why they built another church?

  3. Ambeth and/or Xiao, let's talk un private.


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