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Wednesday, June 13

How to Go to Baguio Attractions: Lourdes Grotto and Diplomat

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Classic map that tells you the location of the terminal that goes to Baguio attractions like Lourdes Grotto and Diplomat Hotel.

How to go to Lourdes Grotto/Diplomat Hotel from Burnham Park:

To go to Baguio attractions like Lourdes Grotto and the Diplomat Hotel ruins, you must first go to the jeepney terminal where jeepneys pass (or bound to) the Dominican Hill:

  1. To go to the terminal from Burnham Park, just walk a bit until you see the intersection (Harrison-Abanao-Magsaysay intersection) where the LED screen of Abanao Square is visible. Walk to the Abanao Street to the side where Abanao Square is located (opposite the Hotel Veniz).
  2. Walk until you are at the intersection of Abanao Street and Zandueta (just in front of that big LED screen). Walk straight to Zandueta Street, and then turn left. You must see a lineup of several jeepneys plying at the different routes.
  3. Look for the jeepney where it passes through “Dominican Hill Road” or the Dominican Hill, where Diplomat Hotel is located. Ask if it will pass either Lourdes Grotto or Diplomat Hotel.
  4. Go ahead and ride it, just tell the driver to drop you off at the foot of the stairs to Lourdes Grotto. In case you want to go directly to Diplomat Hotel, tell the driver to drop you off at the intersection where the path leads to Diplomat Hotel.

NOTE: Jeepneys don’t pass directly to Diplomat Hotel. You must stop at the foot of the hill where the path goes to Diplomat Hotel and then just walk a few more steps. You can also walk from Lourdes Grotto to Diplomat Hotel, but in case you are already tired, ride the same jeepney and drop off at the foot of the hill to Diplomat Hotel.

On going back to Baguio downtown, just ride another jeepney that passes “Dominican Hill” (the same route). Whether it goes inside Dominican Hill or going out of Dominican Hill, it doesn’t matter since the jeepney that goes to Dominican Hill follows a loop (which means all jeepneys follow only one route).

**You can always ride a taxi to either of the Baguio attractions presented here. But it would be much more expensive than jeepneys since fare to Lourdes Grotto is around P10 or less only. Taxi fare can go as high as P70 or higher.

Part 6 of Baguio Attractions (One More Time)

Baguio Attractions (One More Time) Travel Series:
Part 6: How to Go to Baguio Attractions: Lourdes Grotto and Diplomat

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  1. Lol I am doing the Baguio series and I just realized talagang kinareer natin pag lakad from Grotto to Dominical ruins haha ang layo pala nun based on the last map above hehe


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