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Thursday, January 24

So What Really Happened in Baguio at 9.5˚ C?

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On Friday, January 18, 2013, Baguio was swept away with cold winds at 9.5 C.
Just last Friday, January 18, 2013, it was in the news that the temperature in Baguio already dropped to 9.5˚C. According to PAGASA, it was the coldest recorded temperature in two years time, following the 9.8˚C drop in January 2011. The 9.5˚C temperature was recorded at 5:00 in the morning. The question here, how cold is 9.5˚C for local tourists to flock in the city mountain of Baguio?

Chillin’ Truth

It was told in the news that Manila got its lowest recorded temperature at 18.1˚C on January 24, 2013 early in the morning. Many people in the Twitterverse posted that it was indeed cold and it really didn’t bother them if someone didn’t take his bath on that particular day. But to tell you the chillin’ truth, 18.1˚C is a “cool” temperature. It’s the normal morning temperature during the “winter” season in Baguio, which is from late weeks of December to early weeks of February.

Early days before Friday, it was already getting colder in the city. People started to use their jackets and scarfs and all the winter suits they have. Well Baguio doesn’t really have that winter season as the Philippines only has two seasons—dry and wet seasons. But you cannot blame the fact that all single-digit temperature in Celsius is indeed cold—including that news breaking 9.5˚C.

9.5˚C in the temperature scale is like wearing two shirts and/or a thick jacket, jeans and scarf. You cannot go out with all your bare t-shirt unless you are trying to prove to everybody that indeed 9.5˚C is not cold. But hey, Europeans walking down the Session Road are also wearing their jackets which they normally don’t use during the summer season in Baguio, so why not just hitch with the trend? I was definitely chilling and shivering on my bed when the temperature dropped. I blame it to my thin blanket that does not give me enough warmth.

The night of January 18 was the coldest so far. I cannot walk with my bare shirt if I want to go outside and the chilling coldness gives me headache. I remember I was in Camp John Hay with Jeemo, the Party Jeep and it was freezing cold. How I wonder that on that day, Madaymen in Kibungan, Benguet and Bauko, Mountain Province recorded a freezing and nearly icy temperature of 4˚C. Imagine how cold that was! But well these two towns are not tourist destinations and don’t have hotels for local tourists to experience their freezing weather so you’ll just have to enjoy the mild coldness of Baguio at 9.5˚C.

And during this time, local tourists flock to Baguio to experience a jacket-wearing weather. I couldn’t believe at first that on Saturday, January 19, 2013, the buses from Pasay to Baguio (Victory Liner) are all occupied—and if you didn’t reserve a seat, you will be a chance passenger and you have to wait for five hours for the next bus to arrive. I advise tourists who want to experience the cold weather to get early so you don’t wait for five or more hours just to ride a bus. And by the time you reach Baguio it’s already hot. Haha.

The weather forecaster told us though that we should expect colder days in the coming weeks, I’m not sure though if it gets colder than 9.5˚C. As of posting time, temperature in Baguio is at 16˚C. Hotter than the 9.5˚C thing but what makes Baguio hotter is the experience you will be able to tell once you experienced this chilly weather. Indeed, what really happened in Baguio at 9.5˚C was a mere chilling truth—a truth warmer than the 7.5˚C about four years ago.

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