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Saturday, March 23

Baguio Transient May Be Your Next Holiday Home in Baguio City

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Booking your stay in Baguio Transient means comfort, safety and just pure Baugio experience.

So for quite some time, I have been looking for a transient house in Baguio where my family can actually rent for several days. Even though I was looking for cheap transient houses, the one that I choose must pass my criteria—it should be clean, safe, and that homey feeling. One criterion not met, and I’d better bet for a hotel. But there’s one transient house in Baguio that met all my criteria. And that’s Baguio Transient.

A glimpse of one of the best transient houses in Baguio City.

Baguio Transient: Truly a Home Away From Home

Baguio Transient
Baguio Transient which is a four-apartment building along Mission Road in Crystal Cave is the best transient house I have checked so far. It was like a hotel—and even better than hotel, because the satisfaction is guaranteed once you booked for a unit. I met the owners of Baguio Transient and they were very accommodating. Peter and Jhoie were just the best owners of the transient who always think of their customers than any other thing. You will never regret booking your stay in BaguioTransient.com or I will pay your stay if you are not satisfied.

I find their transient house very relaxing and it’s better experienced with a group. An apartment only costs P6,000 a night and that is already good for 12 or more people (with additional). So imagine if you were 12 in the group or your family, and that only means P500 each. Such a big deal! The apartment houses three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, lobby-like receiving area, and veranda and there is also parking space for visitors who will bring their own cars. There is also a dedicated grill area where guests can ihaw-ihaw for a better night bonding. Well if you do not want to grill food, do not worry, appliances like rice cooker, toaster, coffee maker and gas stove is also available. The apartment is also equipped with flat screen TV and refrigerator. You want coffee? It’s available once you arrive. You have baby with you? Request for a crib. You want to play basketball with your team? Play in the half-court. You want to present your idea within your company group? Do it in the veranda.
Dining Room


Visitors can also grill their food too.

Parking Space

You might have been thinking about additional fees, but let me tell you this—everything is just so FREE. Yes. Free. F.R.E.E. Even the coffee sachets inside were free! There is also free Wi-Fi. No additional fees whatsoever! Just plain Baguio experience! Well of course the equipment are not free (you cannot bring home their ref or TV haha).For a price of just P500 per night for a group of 12?Just plain happiness and experience.
Have your vacation in Baguio and you might just witness its beautiful sunset.

The best things in life are free. Free coffee please!

Baguio Transient is dedicated for a group and if you are a team for a team building, the best transient for you is Baguio Transient. If you are a family, it is also for you. The view outside is also nice and when I went there, I feel safe because I know the area and their transient house were fully equipped with CCTV. Not even a single record of theft was ever done inside their transient house.

To go to the transient house, you can call a cab and tell the driver to bring you to “Mission Road, Crystal Cave”, and you should go “straight ahead of the waiting shed”. When you see the orange house bearing 214 in front of it, that’s it. Well, since you are a group, I recommend you hiring a cab rather than riding a jeepney. But if you still insist to ride a jeepney, just ride jeepneys bound to “Crystal Cave” and drop off to the waiting shed in the Mission Rd intersection. Walk a bit straight ahead and reach the orange house.

One of the bedrooms of one of the units.


Veranda and the view outside

Baguio Transient is just so relaxing. I feel like I was in my own home when I went there. If you want to book for a stay or two, you can reach them at 09209693697 or 09178075697. You can also visit BaguioTransient.com and hit the contact page.

And don’t forget to mention Travex Travels to them once you arrive there. The owners might just give you FREE happiness, AFFORDABLE but BEST experience or a free COFFEE drink.

Again, mention Travex Travels to Peter or Jhoie and you will have a better Baguio vacation you will never regret.
Solar cells power up in case of brownouts.

Baguio Transient is equipped with CCTV cameras.

Pine trees outside.

Appliances can be used for free.

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  1. This place has everything and equipped with modern holiday home facilities. I'd visit this place for sure. Nice decors, ambiance, nature scenes etc.

  2. Hi, do you still have the contact number of the owner? Thanks.


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