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Saturday, July 22

Tagaytay City Suggested Itinerary (Two Days-One Night 2D/1N)

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Tagaytay City Itinerary for two days and one night

A two-day, one-night tour in Tagaytay City may not be enough especially if you want to experience more of the city tour, enjoy bulalo in a cool weather, kayak in the Taal Lake or simply stop time and believe the majestic message of the overlooking views.

Tagaytay Itinerary Articles

This Tagaytay tour itinerary for two days is just a mere suggestion. Actually, our first plan when we visited Tagaytay is to have it as two days (although in the end we only got one day to tour Tagaytay). The itinerary below was our original plan itinerary on visiting Tagaytay City.  I have formatted the itinerary in this way so you can go, look over and tweak some of the activities and enjoy your trip.
Here is our two days Tagaytay City itinerary:


Prepare yourself to a short visit to Tagaytay City!
Morning Choice #1

Head to Starbucks Coffee or McDonald’s Tagaytay which has a great overlooking view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano!
>> Savor coffee time while chilling in the sound of your own playlist while watching the sky over Taal Lake
OR visit Bag of Beans and chitchat with friends or have some local stories
After a light breakfast or coffee, you can head to People’s Park in the Sky
>> Another overlooking view to watch for
>> Feel the fog!
>> Feels like Baguio City
>> Buy souvenirs
For lunch, you can have your packed lunch, or visit Serin and find some good restaurants there
OR visit bulaluhan
Afternoon/Evening Choice #1

Visit Picnic Grove
>> Enjoy the overlooking view of Taal Lake
>> Zipline!
>> Buy pasalubong and souvenirs ala Baguio
>> Picnic time
>> Horseback riding
By evening, you can visit Sky Ranch
>> Enjoy the rides!
>> Horseback riding
>> Games and fun
>> Ferris Wheel
Sleep in the hotel of your choice.
Morning Choice #2

You can try kayaking or boating in Taal Lake, one jump off point is below Picnic Grove
>> Enjoy the views in Taal Lake
By lunch, you can visit Pink Sisters, Serin, or Leslie’s restaurant
>> Architecture
>> Bulalo time
Afternoon/Evening Choice #2

>> Feels like Camp John Hay, Baguio
>> Swiss architecture
>> Coffee Time
>> Windmill!
~150.00 for coffee
You can head to another coffee shop or Leslies
Spend you remaining time to buy pasalubong!
>> Jams
>> Buko/pineapple pie
>> Keychains, Etc.

Time to go home..

*You can then mix or choose whatever options you want for your two-days, one-night itinerary in Tagaytay. Most of the tourist attractions are along the Aguinaldo Highway so you won’t really get lost in Tagaytay City. Tagaytay City is a small city!

For the accommodation, you can book your hotel in a nearby town if on a budget, or in small inns. However, if you want to enjoy more and price is not a problem, I do suggest to have it booked in Tagaytay City.

To enjoy more, you can extend your stay to three days and two nights, by having some more me or family. You can also visit nearby Nasugbu or Taal town and engage in historical attractions and a basket of new more adventures.

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