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Wednesday, February 15

Bolinao Lighthouse, Cave, Falls, Rock and Roll

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THE CAPE BOLINAO LIGHTHOUSE. The second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines.
Part 8 of The Pangasinan Escapade
We didn’t spend the whole day at the beach even if we wanted to. We still had more places to visit. After that awesome experience, we went to take some pictures at the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is currently the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines after Cape Bojeador in Ilocos. It was built by the Filipino and American engineers in 1905. There is no entrance fee at this lighthouse.

Rock formations at Rockview Resorts in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Rock formations, Bolinao

After taking shots at the lighthouse, we proceeded to visit the rock formations at the Rockview Resorts. It was just minutes away from the lighthouse. There is an individual entrance fee of P10. Here, you will get to view the rock formations where fighting scenes in Amaya series of GMA7 had been shot. You will also observe seawater splashing right to the rock walls. When roaming around the rock formations, be careful while walking. You would not want to get deep wounds and bruises due to accidents.

UP TO THE SKY. Bolinao Lighthouse

One of the oldest lighthouses in the country is Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

We had no time to visit all the three caves so we just chose one—the Enchanted Cave. It is the most popular among the three and it is the cave where Dyesebel series of Marian Rivera was shot. Enchanted Cave will remind you of the popular Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol. Entrance fee here is P50, that is, if you will not dive in the cool water inside the underground cave (P70 if you will).

Entrance to Enchanted Cave, Bolinao

Enchanted Cave signage

Inside Enchanted Cave, Bolinao

Stairs to Enchanted Cave

There is a ppol of waters in Enchanted Cave where you can swim

We did not spend much time inside the cave. After taking several photos for proofs that we really went there, we decided to leave and go to our next destination—the falls. We should have visited the Bolinao Church before we went to the falls only if we knew that the falls are located near the boundary of Anda and Bolinao. It has been said that the Church is already more than 400 years old and there was unfounded information that the first mass in the Philippines was actually held in Bolinao way back in the 1300s (and not in the Central Philippines as what is stated in history books). We missed this part of Bolinao, so we will not miss it the next time we visit Bolinao again. We also missed to kayak in Punta Riviera because we already don’t have enough time. Anyway, we decided to trek the way to Tara Falls but unfortunately after walking the muddy path, we had not found it. Only the river which I think waters from Tara Falls flow through.

We finally decided to leave Tara Falls (or river?) for Bolinao Falls. Bolinao Falls is very far from the national highway. It is located at Bgy. Samang Norte in Bolinao. It is around 15-20 minutes trike ride. The road here is almost entirely not cemented. There was even a time where we pushed the tricycle because it couldn’t go up that hilly part of the road. The best part of visiting the falls is the plunging sound of water flowing from the falls to the stream of water.

DOWN THE ENCHANTED CAVE. This underground cave in Bolinao must be on your list when you plan to tour Bolinao

After listening to the splash of water from Bolinao Falls, we left and headed to the waiting shed beside the national highway. The driver instructed us to wait for a bus. From here, we bade goodbye to him. We gave him P1,100 for the tour (we added P100 because he did not even take his lunch). It’s a great experience anyway.

Epic fail trek to Tara

We did not find the waterfalls!

Bolinao Falls, Pangasinan


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  1. Hi! Gaano kalayo yung lighthouse from patar beach? Kaya bang lakarin? Kung kelangan ng tricycle how much ang fare? :) Thank you!!

    1. Yah. Kayang lakarin. Parang mga 5-10 minutes lang. kasi konting liko lang naman siya din Patar public beach na.
      About sa trike, package na yan eh kung pupunta kayo dun. Diba P150 regular fare one-way, irequest niyo na lang na idaan kayo saglit sa Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. No additional fee. Kasama actually dun pati yung three caves, rock formation at yung resort of your choice.
      Enjoy your trip Yani! :)


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