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Saturday, April 7

The Baguio Cathedral

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Baguio Cathedral

The church of Our Lady of the Atonement or commonly known as the Baguio Cathedral, is an old church constructed at the middle part of Session Road. It was established through a catholic mission by missionaries of CICM (Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae) from Belgium in 1907. The Baguio Cathedral became an evacuation center during the Second World War thus saving thousands of lives. Now, the Baguio Cathedral serves as a worship place for Christian communities living in Baguio City. Its preserved architecture also paved its way to becoming one of the must see landmarks of Baguio. It is also one of the many unique churches of the Philippines because of its distinct pinky rose color as an overall exterior design aside from its two towers which is similar to an old castle.

Church of Our Lady of Atonement (Domina Nostra Adunationis)

Part 2 of Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions)

In our trip, we decided to meet up each other in Baguio Cathedral. We planned to follow this sequence:

Baguio Cathedral
Session Road
Good Shepherd Convent (not really a tourist attraction but more of a pasalubong center)
Mines View Park
The Mansion
Wright Park
SM City Baguio

We started our tour at around 10 A.M. and we managed to arrive in SM at around 1 P.M. so if you will start your own tour early and follow this sequence, you will have more time to take pictures and can include your tour to Rose Garden—Burnham Park—Shoe Skating Rink—boating at Burnham Lake then eat in a good restaurant and enjoy the night shopping at SM or along Harrison Road where the night market is located for ukay-ukay which usually starts at 9:00 in the evening.

While we were in the vicinity of the cathedral, we managed to take pictures of it. Baguio Cathedral is one of the postcard perfect photos for Baguio for me aside from the lion that stands strong along Kennon Road. Its architecture is very unique compared to baroque churches erected in other parts of the country. The church is well maintained. At times though during a mass, some people already pray outside the church because the structure itself cannot sustain the capacity of devotees. Nevertheless, this church in Baguio depicts the people’s strong will and devotion to God.

Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions) Travel Series
Part 2: The Baguio Cathedral

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