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Saturday, April 14

Baguio City’s Mines View Park

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Mines View Park in Baguio City.
Mines View Park in Baguio City is another popular park after Burnham Park near the central business district and the Botanical Garden along Leonard Wood. This Baguio tourist attraction is 10 to 20 minutes by jeepney, and can be included in a long walk tour along Leonard Wood linking to Gibraltar Road. When one is going to Mines View Park he will most likely pass the other famous Baguio tourist spots like Baguio Haunted White House, Botanical Garden, Wright Park, The Mansion and a few steps to the Good Shepherd Convent (a pasalubong center).
Get a panoramic view of the Cordillera mountains at Mines View Park, Baguio.

Part 4 of Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions)

So from lower Session Road we went a few steps to lower Mabini Road to ride a jeepney terminal bound directly to Mines View Park. For directions, kindly check my post “How to Go to Baguio Tourist Attractions: Session Road to Mines View Park”. Regular fare is P10 for a “long trip” to Mines View Park. But if you will not directly head to Mines View Park, fare must only be P8.50 for a “short trip”. Short trip can go as far from Session Road to Teachers Camp, or Mines View Park to Wright Park.  But if it will be Session Road to Mines View Park that’s already a long trip. If you’re not sure if the trip is “short” or “long”, just tell the driver your destination and ask about the fare.

Photo op with the big dogs.

Pinky hair!

Mines View Park is literally a “mines view” park—that is a national park where you can view as many mining locations in these mountainous parts of Luzon. But that was before. Now, Mines View Park does not bear the meaning of its name already. Mines View Park now is a park used to view peaks of green mountains and not much of mining locations anymore. Not all tourists know about this. But even though it has gone this way, Mines View Park is still one of the popular Baguio tourist destinations.

Around the vicinity of the park are a cluster of different souvenir shops and photo ops gimmicks. Souvenirs include wood carvings like the “barrel man”, necklaces and bracelets, and many more. Of course ube jam and strawberry jam are also available plus there are vendors there selling strawberry taho. If you want souvenir pictures, go ahead and take a photo with the horse or the big dogs for a small amount (P50). And never miss out taking photos of the supposedly panoramic mines view.

Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions) Travel Series
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  1. Beautiful scenery, it's been a long time since I last visited Baguio. That's a cute dog too :P

    1. Yah, Baguio does have a lot of beautiful sceneries. Surely, you will have more time to explore this place in the future. :)


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