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Saturday, July 14

How to Go to Baguio Destinations: Camp John Hay and PMA

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Baguio map that tells how to go to the jeepney terminal for tourists who would like to visit Baguio destinations like Camp John Hay or PMA.

How to go to Baguio Destinations Camp John Hay and PMA from Burnham Park:
  1. To go to Baguio Destinations like Camp John Hay and PMA, you must first go to the jeepney terminal located near the Igorot Park and Burnham Park: 
  2. To go to the terminal from Burnham Park, just walk a bit along Perfecto Street. 
  3. To go to Camp John Hay, look for the jeepney going to “Scout Barrio” (P8.50 fare). 
  4. Tell the driver to drop you off the gate to Camp John Hay. 
  5. Walk your way to Camp John Hay.
Burnham Park to sakayan.

*If via taxi, expect a fare of not less than P60.

Baguio map: Camp John Hay.
Camp John Hay
  1. To go to Philippine Military Academy, look for the jeepney going to “PMA” (or “Green Water”).
  2. Ask the driver first if it will go inside PMA. If it will, ride on it; if not, look for another jeepney that is bound to PMA that goes inside the complex of the school. Jeepneys having “PMA” in their route do not necessarily mean they will go inside PMA. Fare is around P15.
  3. Drop either at the main gate of the school or at the main building. (IDs are necessary.)
  4. The PMA Museum is somewhere near the Lopez Hall of Leaders.
PMA map Baguio
On going back to downtown Baguio, ride the same route that goes back to Baguio Plaza.

NOTE: It is not recommended to take a cab to PMA as the distance is very far from downtown Baguio. Taking a metered cab to PMA means big bucks to spend.

Part 6 of Baguio Destinations (Again and Again)

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