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Thursday, January 10

Manila Night Scape: Rizal Park

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The Rizal Monument inisde the Rizal Park in Manila.

Rizal Park, also known as Luneta Park or simply Luneta, is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Manila, aside from the adjacent walled city called Intramuros. It is also facing the Quirino Grandstand and is also near the Manila Ocean Park and the famed sunset of Manila. Historic events like execution of Dr. Jose Rizal and the public executions of the three martyrs Gomburza happened in this place. Moreover, Kilometer Zero is also here. But among the rest, it’s the Rizal Monument that makes this park iconic, aside from the dancing fountain just across of it.

Part 2 of Nights in Manila

But we haven’t seen the famed musical dancing fountain show for the reason we arrived there like it’s already getting midnight. It was an unplanned visit so from Roxas Boulevard we walked our way to this more popular Manila tourist attraction. I cannot describe much of Rizal Park for the reason it was night when we went there. The lights and lamps of the park and the Rizal Monument standing in front of it were worthy. It was beautiful. Maybe if we have seen the fountain we would have wowed ourselves to joy. The videos or news featuring the fountain is just amazing. I hope the government of Baguio renovates its old Burnham Park and install some fountains because I find this Baguio park quite boring.

Rizal Monument, Rizal Park Manila
We did not stay long in Rizal Park but at least somehow I’ve seen the park again for quite some time. We haven’t seen its daytime landscape but the night scape of Rizal Park is already worth it. I haven’t seen its relief map and the rest of its attraction because we were hurriedly walking to get to our hotel located in Malate. I find Manila unsafe at night. And as usual, homeless people were just sleeping by the bench and by the sidewalk.

Nonetheless, Rizal Park is a beautiful park and you will enjoy it more if you see its musical dancing fountain show which we haven’t seen yet. Maybe in the future I’ll get to see the faces of Intramuros and Fort Santiago again (imagine the last time we visited Intramuros was about 10 years ago already!) and the rest of the landmarks. And I hope the next time we visit these particular attractions, they were already superbly renovated because what Rizal Park is now speaks of a fraction of what Manila is right now. Manila is not Manila without Luneta as others say.
Luneta Park at night
Nights in Manila Mini-Travel Series:
Part 3: Manila Night Scape: Rizal Park

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