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Saturday, May 18

Another Step to the Lourdes Grotto in Baguio

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Lourdes Grotto, Baguio City

And so I met these two bloggers from Cebu, the administrators of Penfires! And FieldTripBoy for a short but worthy Baguio trip this 2013. It wasn’t my first time to actually be with a fellow blogger in a Baguio tour, but it was indeed a great adventure with Cille and Titus who are passionate in their own ways. So we met around 8:00 in the morning in front of Abanao Square and we’re due to our first stop—the Lourdes Grotto.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition

Lourdes Grotto stairs
My first visit to Lourdes Grotto of Baguio was way back in 2011, same day when Saint Louis University was found. It was a quick one-day trip. And that time I don’t have my own camera and I solely relied on my Samsung phone’s 5 MP camera and my friend’s one. Our purpose was to actually just visit these touristy places in Baguio, without me having to think about travel articles (Travex Travels was not yet born during that time). Yep, this time is a better time. I do have my own camera (which is a Canon SX150), and it was a good weather (and a bit cold). Yippee for that.

So from Lourdes Grotto, we walked Zandueta Street and turned left before we looked for jeepneys with signage “Dominican Hill” (fare=P8.50 regular). Those jeepneys with Dominican Hill will have to pass by the side of Lourdes Grotto (isn’t it obvious that the Lourdes Grotto was in fact on the Dominican Hill—the hill exactly). One you see several stairs painted white, somewhat on the right side, that’s it. It’s Lourdes Grotto (see how to go to Lourdes Grotto here). We went there on a Sunday, and there were so many tourists that time. And there were so many steps to hike. Haha.

See those steps? You have to climb it to reach the grotto!

The gate of Lourdes Grotto is open from 6 AM to 7:30 PM

The Grotto
And I don’t even care how many steps it will take you to the grotto itself, because we saw kids running up the stairs. Whoa. Oh well, they were kids and you know kids have more energy that adults. So we just stared at them while they run and while we walk our way to the peak.

I cannot remember how many times did we stop to take pictures, but that was great. I have a lot of pictures of Grotto now, and I will have this as proofs that indeed I already went to Lourdes Grotto the second time—when in fact I already spent thousands of days in Baguio! Hahaha. Well there is this magical thought and theory that those who live and reside in a particular town or city are those who still didn’t see all of the tourist spots in their place! Maybe you’re one of them I guess. Just think of your town and its tourist spots, and I guess some of them you still haven’t visited at all. Like ever. (Another fact: it feels awkward to actually go on a trip in guess what—your own town! That’s why we term our trip as out-of-town, right?! Wouldn’t it be awkward to have an out-of-town trip in your own town? Sounds crazy, right?!)

We spent a little prayer near grotto, just after we lit the candles we bought in the “honesty store”. Honesty store means, you have to take your items, drop your money in the vault, and it’s up to your conscience if you will wave it. Nobody is there for you to neither get your payment nor give your change. It’s between you and your conscience already.

We took some more photos, enjoyed the backdrops of pine trees, and went over to our next destination which is a bit different from the grotto. Can we call it a haunted hotel? Oh I do remember it was on a prayer mountain. But it wasn’t the Lourdes Grotto already. Just another Baguio stop.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition Travel Series:
Part 2: Another Step to the Lourdes Grotto in Baguio

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