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Saturday, June 8

Strawberry Fields in the Philippines? Head to Benguet

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Strawberry fruit in Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet
If there’s one thing that makes Baguio distinct from other places in the Philippines, it’s strawberry. But did you know that strawberries are not actually grown in the City of Pines? Strawberry fields are located in the nearby province of Benguet. Not only strawberries are grown here, all the other highland veggies are also harvested in the province like lettuce, cabbage, and carrots.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition

Strawberry fields, Benguet, Philippines
Our trip to Tam-awan Village lead us sooner to the only strawberry fields in the Philippines—La Trinidad, Benguet. The strawberry fields can be reached by jeepney (ride jeepney bound to “La Trinidad” or “Buyagan”, then drop off to “strawberry farm”, just tell the driver, fare is KM 6 or ~P11, or look at the fare matrix posted inside the jeppney). There is a signage that says strawberry farm going to the left (strawberry fields is a few more minutes from the market of La Trinidad) then you have to walk a few more meters before you reach it.

The strawberries were our first destination in the strawberry fields (what!?). It’s the toilet room that we first visited because of our “call of nature”. Wohoo. Haha. But then, after it, we decided to check out those little strawberries in the strawberry farm. We didn’t intend to buy some or do the usual strawberry picking (~P300-P350 per kilo for strawberry picking activity) because our main purpose is to have photos in it, or as if we did strawberry picking. Picking strawberries is a fun family activity, but you have to know that a kilo of picked strawberries cost more than double of the usual strawberries priced in the market. This is to cover the strawberries you ate while you pick, and those strawberries you accidentally squeezed while you pick. Anyway, it’s the experience that counts.
Signs going to Strawberry Farm

Road sign to the strawberry fields

This valley part in Benguet is the basin of strawberries in the Cordillera. La Trinidad Valley has more than strawberries because when we visited it we also saw some everlasting flowers and lettuce. And what not, you have to try the authentic local dirty ice cream flavored strawberry, because this particular ice cream is yummy. It’s really strawberry, and bits of the real fruits were mixed in it. I find the ice cream here mas masarap, than the usual sold ice cream in the other parts of the country when it comes to strawberry flavor. Besides what’s better than getting a strawberry flavored ice cream in a place where real strawberry fruits were cultivated?

Strawberry plant

Titus of FieldTripBoy.com for "strawberry picking"

Local strawberry ice cream! Tastes like real strawberry!

I researched about strawberries and found out that strawberries were part of the rose family. And would you believe that some strawberries were grown in the lowlands? It sounds unbelievable because we know that strawberries only grow in cooler climates. I’m not sure though, but I guess those lowland strawberries were produced in the province of Camarines Sur.


I enjoyed going again to the strawberry fields in La Trinidad, Benguet. It only shows that agri-tourism also thrives. How I wonder about mango farms in the Philippines? Oh there’s a lot but I still don’t have a list of farms which actually offers things like “mango picking” activity.

If you are into picking strawberries for the first time (they’re not trees!), go and head to Benguet—Philippines’ strawberry fields are found there.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition Travel Series:
Part 6: Strawberry Fields in the Philippines? Head to Benguet

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